Searching for the right combination.. # 2..

Even though it's only a game, the Clippers are heading into figuring out the right combination of players in the 2nd quarter and improving their substitution pattern.

At the start of the 2nd quarter, it looked like the 2nd unit was on it's way to self destruction again by starting the quarter with 3 successive TOs by Bledsoe (errant pass), Aminu (traveling) and Aminu again(offensive foul).

It was fortunate for the Clippers that the 2nd unit of Denver committed the same amount of 3 TOs and there was no harm done.

The insertion of Gordon early in the 2nd quarter paid some dividends. This was an improvement on VDN's substittution pattern as Gordon responded with a couple of baskets to equal Denver's production. Together with the timeliness of the coming back of the starters except Gomes, the Clippers finally won the 2nd quarter. Still the start of the 2nd unit in the 2nd quarter was so shaky.

This is where Kaman could really help. As he sat down watching the game, he looked a little bit worried because DJ is doing so good that it could only mean two things.... he will be playing with the 2nd unit or could become a tradeable piece. Whatever it is,  I'm sure it will be for the good of the team.

A good break in the 3rd quarter was the production of Bledsoe as he scored 8 straight point (a rarity!)  after substituting for Baron who BTW played another terrific game with assists (8)  that resulted to Blake's and DJ's highlight alley oop dunks  and with NO TURNOVERS plus 16 pts!

Another thing that is noticeable is EJ's deameanor in the whole game as he silently contributed 28 points (4 three pointers) and committed only 1 foul in the 1st half. When his head is on the game he scores points by the bunches with less TO.

Could it be that VDN and his coaching staff is finally figuring out the right  combination and substitution patterns that could bring us more wins?

Let's see Sunday against the Warriors!

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