The Daily Clipper – Happy Birthday Edition!

Dropping an interesting link round up for all you citizens, but also want to wish our fearless leader a happy bday! I know he is a humble man and would prefer not to be recognized, but how can we not!? Enjoy the 2012-13 NBA season present! It’s a shorten one, but at least we got you something!

The NBA's new labor deal doesn't solve the problems of small-market teams - ESPN
Howard Bryant: It's only a matter of time until the small-market numbers don't add up and the players are being blamed again.

Tips for the live NBA experience - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Most hard-core travelers I know have at least one personal ritual they abide by, no matter where they are in the world. I like to be on the street bet

Why Rockets GM Daryl Morey Should Be On The Phone With The Clippers Today - The Dream Shake
Taking a look at a possible sign and trade deal between the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets.

Howard, Paul on Clippers shopping list
i love the PMS show!

Mark Purdy: Post-lockout NBA owes fans a more exciting product - San Jose Mercury News
In 2005, the NHL emerged from its lockout with new rules designed to create a faster, more skilled game. The NBA could learn from that.

NBA deal produces no breaks for fans paying top dollar at venues | HULIQ
PORTLAND, Ore. – Great news that NBA players will get more millions now that they’ve ended their lockout; but bad news for Portland Trailblazer other NBA fans nationwide now that ticket prices, parking and venue food costs will likely rise and be passed on to fans.

Hardwood Hype: These Are The Moments... The Los Angeles Clippers
One man's list of great Clipper highlights in history.

New Orleans Hornets want to keep Chris Paul, but New York Knicks could be big apple of his eye |
A scenario similar to the speculation that swirled after LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony plotted their exit strategies to play for their desired teams appears to playing out for Hornets point guard Chris Paul.

[Note by Steve Perrin, 12/01/11 10:23 AM PST ]

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Stupid Facebook. Everyone knows your birthday these days. I thought I'd drop Broderick Turner's article from today's LATimes while I'm here.

Clippers find themselves a hot prospect for free agents -
The Clippers are a team on the rise and have plenty of room under the salary cap. They're hoping that gives them an edge when it comes to negotiating with free agents.

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