Clippers are going to trade Gordon, aren't  they?

I have a terrible feeling that the Clippers will end up trading Eric Gordon. I believe that something along the lines of Gordon, Kaman, Bledsoe + Picks for CP3 and Okafor. In all honesty, I don't just dislike this deal, I don't just detest it, I HATE THIS DEAL. Even if Paul agrees to his player options for 1 more year, I still hate this deal. Why? Imagine Chris Paul does agree to sign his 1 year and the Clippers trade away Gordon/Bledsoe/Kaman and possibly Minnesota's pick. What do you gain overall? Little to no more wins. Gordon has solid points every night and he is only going to get better. Yes, he has had some injures, but his aren't nearly as bad as Paul's injuries. Paul does seem to be the perfect puzzle piece, but there is no puzzle with only two pieces. In addition, in 2 years, he would walk. If he does walk, then Griffin walks and the Clippers are down to nothing. So please, Sterling, DO NOT trade away Gordon under ANY circumstance. If Hornet's demand it, let them demand it. They have no leverage, because who are their options? Lakers backed out, and Knicks have nothing to offer.

So, what do I think the Clippers should do? I find the answer to be quite simple. Trade the Minnesota Pick+ Kaman+ Bledsoe + Aminu as SOON as possible for Okafor and Cp3. Yes, do this even WITHOUT any commitment, because if he does commit, his price just goes higher. High enough to the point where they would surely give up Gordon AND the Pick, something I do NOT want to see. Like I said, Hornets have no leverage, and Sterns would actually be able to justify accepting this trade. Why? With Bledsoe and Aminu you have two young prospects. And with the Minnesota pick, you have a top 10 pick. And with Kaman? You get an expiring contract so you have Cap Space next year. So you get what you wanted, a young core.

How does this benefit the Clippers? The answer is extremely obvious. If you do get CP3 AND Okafor, you don't HAVE to match DeAndre's offer (but it would be nice because CP3 and Griffin both like him). Let's say you do sign DeAndre, the Clippers have one of the scariest team in the league, either than the Heat. (Yeah, I forgot, the Heat is NOT REALLY a team; rather, a 3 man squad). I will be the first to admit, all of these things falling together does not look very likely, but look at this lineup.
Why wouldn't we start Okafor? Well, a common issue with second teams is their lack of ability to protect the lead. With Okafor in the second team, the Clippers would have a solid defender, and with Williams, the Clippers would have someone to control the tempo of the game, not to mention a decent scorer. So by controlling the game and defending, the Clippers would have a solid lineup.

To be quite honest, I doubt this dream team lineup of mine will ever occur, but we can all have hopes and dreams right? I think that Sterling will end up budging and throwing in Gordon just so he can have Cp3 and Griffin. This would definitely bring in money, one of Sterling's biggest concerns. So I hope the Clippers can do this, for they would be a winning team full of excitement, but I'm not holding my breath.

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