Mo, Chauncey, and a great 3 guard rotation

I was a little down on the Chauncey Billups acquisition early, but I am hyped for it now. These are my thoughts on what might end up happening, and what I hope happens.

1. I hope that while Eric Gordon gets the bulk of the minutes at the 2, we will see some Billups-Mo lineups as well as either of them with Eric. Mo has always been cast as a great 6th man, and I think he will be amazing off the bench. He is basically Jason Terry, except better at actually running an offense. I think that both Chauncey and Mo will get 25-30 minutes a game, which would cut into Foye and Bledsoe time, which is at this point a good thing. I want Bledsoe to develop, but at the same time, Mo and Chauncey are far better players right now, and hopefully we will be competing for a playoff spot.

2. I just said Mo would be a great 6th man, and have been saying that for three years now, but in my opinion, he works much better with the starting unit than Chauncey. Billups is 35, and was never the speediest guy anyway. He is much more suited to a halfcourt offense, whereas the rest of our starters are most dangerous in transition. Mo is much better suited to keep the tempo high and keep our guys running then Chauncey, who would slow everything down.

3. Chauncey also fits in well with our bench- we WANT them to slow down. Hell, Bledsoe and Al Farouq Aminu's biggest problem last year was the speed of their play. With Chris Kaman and Chauncey on the bench, the offense would be slower, though we would still have explosive pieces to prevent stagnation. The presence of Chauncey would be nice amongst the youngsters, and could stop the dwindling leads and blowouts that occurred last year when our bench came in. Of course, Mo would be fine at doing that also, but I think in many ways Chauncey is the better fit.

4. My guess is that we see many different looks next year, with Mo and Billups playing with both the bench and the starters. If one of them seems to play better with one group than the other, than I assume that is the unit that they would end up playing with. At the same time, "going with the hot hand" would probably be the best way to describe who gets the bulk of the minutes in games next year, but we will see.

5. Now that we have a good SF in Caron Butler, hopefully we will see less of the 3 guard lineup, but I think that there will definitely be times when we go small ball with Mo, Chauncey, and Eric Gordon. It will definitely be exciting to see them all out next year.

I do have worries about Chauncey though. While in his prime he was a good defender, his slowness made him very vulnerable last year, and at 35, isnt getting any younger. I think that in such a condensed schedule, even if Chauncey gets/wins the starters spot, Mo will end up playing more minutes by the end of the year.

So what do you think? Chauncey or Mo to start?

Very excited about this acquisition as well as that of Butler; looking forward to this season a lot!

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