Do you really want to give away another 1st overall?


First post here, but kinda liked the Clips since Lamond Murray was on the Clips and been a fan since 2000 or so. So im posting in pure joy over how good this team looks right now.

Really, this team might have never looked this good.

But I'm kinda confused over the whole Chris Paul thing. On the one hand I think, that Chris Paul is one of the very select few players in the NBA, that can really turn a team quite literally around. At this point theres 6-7, maybe ten players at the very most, who can do that. When Paul brought the New Orleans Hornets to the 2 seed, it was amazing, few people would have gotten THAT team there and he's shown, that he's one of the most amazing players and even more one of the most amazing leaders in the NBA. Having him on the Clippers would have been amazing and therefore i get, that people are starstruck. To a Clippers-fan having someone like Chris Paul say, he would like to get traded there is almost like reaching the conference finals.

To put it short and precise, Chris Paul is awesome...

... when healthy.

And from there it really starts. The pursuit of Chris Paul might just be for 66 games to begin with. Little enough as it is. These 66 games come in a very compressed schedule. And apart from being a assist and lob machine a fantastic floor general and a very well rounded player that every team would like to have, what is it that Chris Paul does? He gets injured. I know, it isn't even that much, but you have to take the compressed schedule into account.

Have you drawn a worst case scenario? It looks kinda like this. Assuming, we would have done that god awful deal, we would have given the NOH almost a starting five worth of players... one, that could contend for the playoffs in the future, if NO were in the East (Kaman (who is expiring, i know); 1st pick; Aminu, Gordon, Bledsoe).

You do remember how that went for the Knicks/Nuggets??? Nuggets recorded better W-L in second part of the season, while NYK slipped down the chart. Now Melo is no CP, but Melo was not for one year.


after the general tenor on this site was that Olshey did a terrible job, when he got rid of Baron Davis ungodly contract for Mo Williams and a pick that had what... a 2.8 percent chance of becoming the No. 1 and it just happened to turn out that way, now the tenor is, that we should trade Chris Kaman (expiring contract) talented Bledsoe and Aminu and a pick, that has much more potential for being number one,... and maybe even EG? Get outta here!

Personally I think, that as of now, there are few teams, that have as much leverage and as much stamina as the Clippers. If they let Kaman expire (because somewhere that cap space for resigning BG and EG has to come from) and keep Bledsoe and Aminu and their picks... tell me the name of one team apart from OKC that has such a bright outlook for the future. currently has Clips pick 1st and 8th in a supposedly very promising draft. This may change due to TWolves being slightly better this season. But Clips may very well get Drummond and ... Austin Rivers, or one of those promising small forwards or whatever you won't, ... tweak the recipe to your liking. :-)

Soooo... you would be okay with making LAC (from what I know) the first team in NBA history to draft the No 1 for three times in 4 drafts and the only team in NBA history to trade consecutive No.1 draft picks... for a rental... is that what you're saying?

Think, we could be Blake, EG, DJ, Butler, MO, Bledsoe, Aminu, a guy who people say could be the next Amare or even Dwight and a guy who could be a slightly less talented but easier to handle OJ Mayo....

Imagine you're Chris Paul... how could you say no to playing with that...

Excuse the ramble, i had a long day!

Have the nicest weeks of your lives and bask in the glory!

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