Why the Clippers won this trade-

To begin, I believe that Stern's was in fact serious about keeping Chris Paul if the Clippers did not add to the trade. You might reply, that is absurd, why would he do that? Although Sterns has already dug himself a grave, it doesn't mean he has to go inside it. It seems as if he had set his heart on obtaining Gordon AND the pick; this most likely put some amount of pressure on Olshey, who stated that he would rather make a deal before CP3 was completely off the table.

So, many believed that the Clippers already had a winning team or that they had an extremely bright future; well, I think they seemed to be going in the right direction, but they were not quite there. For that, I believe the Clippers made the right decision for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, let's say they made the ideal trade and were able to get CP3 for Aminu/Bledsoe/Kaman/Pick. Yes, that would mean they would have an extremely stacked lineup; however, Gordon would have walked after this season. It was reported that he wanted to stay with the Clippers, but things change and often times, money can speak louder than anything else. Yes, he would have been on a contending team, but at this point in his career, he still has many years to play and not that many endorsements, so money is a factor in his destination in the years to come. In addition, reports have stated that Gordon was fishing for a bit more than what the Clippers felt he was worth. Also, he would be an RFA next year; no doubt in my mind someone would offer him a MAX CONTRACT, that is a large sum of money! At that point, Clippers would have even less money to move around with their other players, most important Gordon and Paul. So, it seems that it would have come down to an either or, Gordon and Griffin or Paul and Griffin, and let's be honest, that is a no-brainer.

Next, EVERYBODY on the Clippers (except Mo) benefits from this trade. Griffin and DeAndre will finally have a point guard who can dish off pin point passes and allow them to truly demonstrate their full potential. Next, Butler is freed up and he is a solid shooter. Although he takes Chauncey's PG position, by trading Eric Gordon, that leaves a nice spot for Chauncey to start. So even the veteran point guard wins in this situation. So no matter what you say, the rest of the Clippers benefit from this deal.

Three, take a step back and look at the deal. Kaman was already on his way out, and this allows for DeAndre to prove if he is truly worth the 43 million dollar contract! Aminu had some potential, but he seemed to lack the intensity and drive which allowed from a good player to be a great player. Although I did feel he could start, he seemed far from stellar. Finally, we get to Gordon and the pick. Gordon, I have nothing but praise for him; however, he is no Chris Paul. He is a great guy, but he is not known for being a huge TEAM player. Actually, he could seem quite distant from the rest of the players. It seems as if he and Griffin were nothing but teammates, their friendship was not as tight as you would expect from the two core players of a franchise. Minnesota's pick would have been nice, plain and simple. Whether it be the 1'st pick or the 10th pick, the Clippers would have to take a gamble. Yes, this draft is loaded, but look at it... Full of PF's, a position we certainly do NOT need. So this was merely a luxury we had. So in my book, it was basically like Gordon + a possible star for an ALREADY ESTABLISHED STAR. A star who fills one of the most vital position on the court, the position of POINT GUARD!

Initially, I was anything BUT happy with this trade. I thought the Clippers were already solid, they had more leverage, and I really liked Gordon. But the only remorse I have left concerns how the situation went down. Gordon is a classy guy and he was lied to; he was told he was NOT being traded. To his surprise (in a bus for Pete sakes!), he was told that he was in fact traded. So my apologizes to Gordon; I hope you can find your way to Indiana, because that is where your hometown is, and it was apparent that you had hopes of returning there.

Finally, let's just agree to this, when you have a chance to get an All Star without giving away your own star player, whether it be for 2 season or 5, GET HIM! At the end of the day Chris Paul IS CHRIS PAUL and Eric Gordon is Eric Gordon. To all those fans who are saying we overpaid, where were you when the Lakers sent Odom and Pau?! They were willing to give up TWO of their most vital players (one being the 2nd best on the team only behind Kobe) for Chris Paul. Their front court would have been trashed, so in my honest opinion, Odom and Pau were in fact overpaying.

Yet again, I apologize Gordon, you were a real classy guy; I hope you can find your way in this corrupt league, and I know you will. Best of luck to you, I would just like you to know that you are always going to be a Clipper to us.

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