UPDATE: Pigs Fly as Hell Begins to Freeze, Clippers Better Than Lakers

If you've been following the Fox hit TV show Fringe you know there's another world just like ours but on another plane or dimension where things are slightly different.

Well, a giant Peter machine just blew up today and we have all now been transferred into that Alternate world.

Chris Paul is a Clipper.

As a long time member of Clipper Nation, I am in utter, jubilant disbelief.


All those years of mostly Laker fans filling Staples Center screaming "MVP" at OUR home games! People laughing at you in disbelief as you wear your Clipper gear. Really? You're a Clipper fan?

How many friends have told you they will never like the Clippers because Sterling is a __________?

So I now present to you proofs that sometime late Wed Dec 14, 2011 the entire world was flipped upside down.


A. The Lakers so far 1) failed to trade for Paul twice, 2) traded away Lamar Odom for a doughnut, 3) had his backup Derek Caracter blow out his knee in practice, 4) lost Shannon Brown in free agency, 5) featured this on their website: Lakers Sign Josh McRoberts, Lakers Sign Jason Kapono, Lakers Sign Chris Daniels and 6) are at this point still chasing a BIG free agent which could cost them Gasol, Bynum or both!


The Clippers added Caron Butler, then Chauncey Billups, and oh yeah, Chris Paul!!!!

For all this to happen in the same offseason to both teams proves we are in Alternate world.

B. Baron Davis has a herniated disc and is projected to be out 8-10 weeks. He got amnestied and wouldn't mind playing for his hometown Lakers. I guess he read the LA Times article that said the Lakers were looking to upgrade from Steve Blake and were "curious" to see if Baron would become available. Radmonovic, Powell, and the aforementioned Steve Blake all defected from the Clippers to the Lakers and it's worked out great, right?

How in the world did we ever get rid of Baron's $65MILLION franchise death anchor? We miraculously DUMP Baron and now the Lakers are so desperate for a PG they were actually looking at Boom Fizzle the Bearded One?

Did you see that pig fly by?

C. NONE of the media reports are mentioning how CP3 will now immediately get hurt because it's the Clippers. True it can happen. But no one is writing that as the main headline. Remember when we got Blake? Many media outlets played up how "poor" Blake would have to face the Clipper Curse.

Seems to me most media reports and videos fanshotted and shared seem positive without any mention of "poor" Chris having to face the Clipper Curse. That's different. Very different.

D. No mentions in the media of how horrible the Clippers will be this year (and forever) because of their awful owner, Donald T. Sterling. It seems a professional sports team can be successful in spite of an owner of poor character. Wow, really media?

There you have it. Proofs positive that we are in AlterWorld. A world where up is down, stop means go, and the Clippers are better than the Lakers.

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