20 Best Memories: Chris Kaman

Here are some of my favorite Chris Kaman memories from the last 8 years, no particular order: Feel free to add some!

1) Getting grabbed in the nuts by Reggie Evans and told everybody about it in the interview later

2) When he went coast to coast as a rookie and went behind the back not once, but twice!

3) When he grew out his waxy hair so long that he had to keep putting it behind his ears ala (gulp) sascha vujacic

4) Missing 5 consecutive POINT BLANK layups in a row.

5) Hearing at least every other game from some guy in the stands, "JUST DUNK THE DAMN BALL!!!" Ok, that was me a few times

6) His power reverse dunk on the first play of a game against Yao Ming a few years back

7) Him and EB anchoring the defensive end of that great 2006 Clippers team

8) Throwing the ball back to the ref cause he wasnt ready to shoot a free-throw. Hilarious-- the ref got really pissed :) youtube it

9) The stupid "CAVEMAN" moniker... just never stuck with me

10) His pouting after Sam Cassel would yell at him

11) His humility after getting traded--- class act.

12) His ugly, pasty white skin

13) Shaq was in town in his prime... my friend yelled out to Kaman "it's funny how you are always hurt when Shaq comes to town!!!" Dead silence by Kaman-- the rest of the bench dying laughing

14) Clumsy, Flippy, Floppy.

15) His awesome pick and pop jumper the last 2 seasons

16) His left hand (announcers always said he could dunk the ball with both hands-- just because he could didnt mean he did it)

17) His faux All-Star selection (they never mention injury replacmement about anybody else's all-star appearance-- so annoying)

18) Making us forget about Olowokandi (just got the chills typing that name, like MUFASA)

19) His workout with EB that EB got hurt at, that made the Clips have a miserable season (Mardy Collins anyone?) that netted us Blake Griffin

20) His ability to make me laugh really loud by simply calling someone a "douche" on twitter

Hope you enjoyed! Will miss the guy even though i loved to hate him :)

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