Where to get backup help? Wings or bigs?

Right now, this team has one legitimate Shooting Guard in Randy Foye, and a player who will end up starting at that position in Chauncey Billups. Mo Williams might also get some time there as well. Meanwhile, our bigs consist of Blake, DJ, Trey Thompkins, and Brian Cook.

PG: CP3, Mo, Bledsoe, Warren

SG: Billups, Foye, Mo, Leslie

SF: Butler, Gomes, Foye

PF: Griffin, Gomes, Cook, Thompkins

C: DJ, Thompkins

This team is desperately weak at C, and our SF and PF positions are not much better. We currently have 13 players on the roster, which gives us 2 spots (actually 3 possibly- in the new CBA teams are allowed 16 players as long as two are suited up).

The bigs are most important, and I would love to bring back Ike Diogu, who can play both the PF and C positions. He is a hard worker, and a decent scorer and defender. Another player we have been linked to is Reggie Evans, who is a great rebounder, but doesnt do much else for the team. Evans would probably take the low level MLE, and Diogu would get a minimum contract.

This would give us 15 players, so in order to get a backup on the wings, a non-necessary player would need to be waived/amnestied. This player would probably be either Cook (probably not- after all, he is still a big), or Willie Warren, who is absolutely buried on the PG/SG chart.

Now, the player I would like to pick up is Keith Bogans. He is a veteran, a guy who plays solid defense, hustles, and can nail the 3. He would immediately become a backup at SG/SF, depending on how Foye and Gomes look. He is a better defender than Foye, but cant score as well, while Gomes has a big size advantage on him. He is more of a SG than a SF, but he is easily large enough to play there- after all, both Foye and EJ played that position last year at times, and Bogans is bigger than they are. He also brings experience in the playoffs, though with CP3, Butler, Mo, and Billups, that is probably not as much of a priority as it has been previously.

Edit: He just got waived by the Bulls earlier today after picking up Richard Hamilton, if you were wondering how he was available.

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