DeAndre Jordan and our defense

If there was one good thing to take out of tonights game, it is that DeAndre Jordan is a damn good defender. He used to be just a flashy shot blocker, but now he is much more.

As soon as he came out of the game, our defense collapsed. Yes, Tony Parker was blowing by both Cp3 and Mo. The difference is that CP3 had DJ backing him up on D, and Parker had to pull out of the lane before shooting time and time again. All of a sudden, he gets taken out, and Parker scored 8 straight points effectively putting the Clippers into an unmanageable hole (20 points is too much against the Spurs at home). Mike and Ralph mentioned that Tony started attacking when Mo got put in the game, but I think it was because DJ came out and Cook replaced him.

Basically, we need another big man who can play good help defense. Griffin, for all of his strengths, is a truly awful help defender, and he doesnt have enough length to block many shots. Cook and Griffin were not helping out at all off the pick and roll with Parker, so he was consistently getting open.

However, how do we get such a big? Mo looked bad today, but so did our whole team. We still need him for offense off the bench, because Gomes has to get set up, and Foye looks like complete trash so far: he was the worst player on the court today by far. We need a wing defender (Ariza for example) far less than we do a big, but there arent many players like DJ who dominate the paint.

Nonetheless, here are some moves that I think could help our team.

Suggestion #1: Jordan Hill for the trade exception+ Cook(expiring) or Leslie/2nd rounder. Houston doesnt need him now: they have Scola, Dalembert, and Patrick Patterson, as well as Brad Miller for deep backup. They also want to be players in the 2012 FA class. and need some cap space. Hill is 6'11 and can actually play in the post, automatically pushing him past Cook or Reggie Evans for the backup 5 spot. He can also play the 4, which would again mean less of Cook and Gomes.

Suggestion #2: Randy Foye and Eric Bledsoe for Robin Lopez and a 2nd rounder. This would be a risky gamble by the Clips, as Lopez was garbage last year, but he was very good the previous year, and has looked solid so far this year. He is a big man who can play offense and defense, and would also push out other bigs out of the rotation completely. The Suns need backup at SG, where Jared Dudley is starter, and Bledsoe would be a chance to finally get a competent backup to Steve Nash who could take over the reins one day.

Suggestion #3: Randy Foye and Brian Cook for Chris Wilcox. The Celtics need scoring off the bench, and both of our guys could provide that. Meanwhile, Wilcox is a decent rebounder and defender, and has size. He wouldnt provide much offense, but hopefully with better rotations (starters on floor with bench guys) our bench wont need as much scoring.

Suggestion #4: Sign Ike Diogu for vet min, or Pryzbilla for 2.5 million dollar exception (hell do both). Pryzbilla is certainly the better player, but he is old and injury prone, and might not even want to continue playing basketball. However, if we could get him, he is a good defender and rebounder, and is a legit 7 footer. Ike, of course, is not exactly a breakthrough signing. Nevertheless, he can defend the 5 spot much better than Cook or Evans, and he seemed like a decent defender last year. Also, he is a hustler and energetic player, and our bench certainly needs one of those.

I always like to put polls to gauge opinion, but please also write a response as to what you think besides just answering the poll. Go Clippers! (and get better soon Reggie).

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