Is DJ (really) worth it?

We can all agree that during the 2010-2011 season DJ has had a breakout year! DJ is currently getting paid $854,389, but we all know if the Clips would like to keep him they will have to up the price! But how much is too much for DJ?

During his first year he only played 53 games (started 13), averaged 14.5 minutes, 3.5 rebounds, 1.1 blocks, and 4.3 points. In his second year, DJ played in 70 games (started 12), averaged 16.2 minutes,  5 rebounds, 0.9 blocks, and 4.8 points. This year, he has played 55 games (started 46), and he is averaging 26 minutes, 7 rebounds, 1.6 blocks, and 6.9 points.

In the last couple of games, DJ has regressed back to raw material! Of course I like watching a frontline of Blake and DJ! I can't deny they are one of the most exciting frontlines, but they are clearly not the most effective! We can all agree that Blake needs a few areas of work, but one of them is clearly defense. Well guess what? DJ needs way more areas of work and he is in his third year!

Yeah, yeah, I get it, DJ only spent one year in College, came in as pure raw talent, he was drafted in the second round, blah, blah blah! Reality check, DJ has been in the league for three freaking years! Although it is true that he is finally getting a chance (e.g. playing more minutes) but he has been hot and cold! Who here can disagree and say that he has not? In fact, I believe he has regressed!

FACTS: (1) DJ is number 34 in scoring among Centers; (2) number 74 in free throw percentage among Centers; (3) number 22 in rebounding; (4) number 18 on offeneive rebounds; (5) number 13 in blocks; and number 24 in efficiency per game (with 12.6). Is that what we want from our starting (and posisbly future starting) center?

I keep hearing talk about trading Kaman (and his $11.8 million contract) away. Really? Are you guys this high on DJ? Please tell me what the hell you guys are on, so I can also take a hit! Reality is, three years with DJ and he is still raw talent! Enough with the excuses for DJ!

Truth is, is you had a choice between centers (disregarding the pricetag) would you be team Kaman or team DJ? Yeah, Kaman's contract is a killer, but he is the best center this team has (even on his bad days he is better than DJ)!

Also, I don't hate/dislike/whatever DJ, not at all! I am just freaking tired of the Clips having great guys with great personalities on the freaking team! I would rather have crazy ass Cousins over here than great locker room guys if it means winning! In the end, winning washes away everything! With DJ, yes we have athletic center who is great friends with Blake and....yeah thats it folks!

In the end I would be happy if the Clips kept DJ (I am not advocating him leaving the Clips) at the right price. Right price being no more than $2.5 million per year! DJ is not a starting center (possibly never will) and he would be a great backup center for years to come (hopefully for the Clips)! Im sure if Kaman is traded away we can get a legitimate center (and yes DJ is not one), maybe think Big SoFo?

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