Blake Griffin.......(who else?)

Well I've been contemplating writing this for a while, and I finally figured it's long over due.


From his first NBA basket (put back dunk against Portland) it has awoken the Clipper faithful. Yes Blake Griffin is the current Clipper saviour, yes he's the most exciting player in the NBA right now, yes we expect him to get a double double every game, yes we expect him to turn our franchise into a powerhouse, yes he's the player we can build a team around, yes we expect highlight real dunks every game etc etc


But lets all come back to reality for a minute. The burden that we are placing him is on the verge of being unreasonable and we must temper our expectations a little bit.


Blake never played more than 35 games in his college career and he is already at 56 NBA games on a more compressed schedule, the rigours of NBA travel, time zones and the like are all new to him, the expectation for him to carry our team offensively night in night out in his rookie year, he had missed the entire previous year with a knee injury, he is missing fellow all-star calibre players for chunks of the season (Kaman, Gordon & Davis) and aside from all this he is having a phenomenal year, and probably expects more out of himself than we do.


It is plainly obvious that he is worn down at this stage of the season, primarily I believe for the reasons listed above. Yes his defence is dropping a little, but he is a rookie playing against seasoned veterans. And I think he is only going to get more tired as most NBA players have the all-star weekend off, he is over committed with the all-star game, dunk comp, and fan fest.


Personally I think we should all just hope that he gets through the season unscathed, regardless of what numbers he puts up. If he plays somewhere between 75-82 games I would be a very happy fan.

We know the playoffs are out of the questio thsi season, so lets just pray that we finish the year healthy.


Woof Woof

Natedog !! 

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