Lowdown on Mo and Moon, what they can do, etc......

Ok, as the (probably) only Cavs fan here, I will try to explain what Mo and Moon can do, and at the end, compare them to players that the Clippers already have. I wont necessarily use stats, because on a team as bad as the Cavs, stats are pretty meaningless.


Jamario is much easier to tackle, so I will start with him.


Jamario Moon- He is a VERY athletic wing. As in, he can almost jump as high as Blake Griffin! His leaping ability enables him to make some great dunks, and he will probably be MUCH better on the fastbreak than Gomes, Cook, or Aminu. He can also drain the 3, though his consistency is terrible, and he doesnt drive nearly as much as he should. However, he seldom makes mistakes on offense, and can be a glue guy alongside Gomes. His defense is pretty average, and he cant guard the 4 like Gomes can, but some games he can really turn it up a notch, and start blocking shots, making steals, etc. Basically, he is a better offensive player than Gomes or the other 3s, but he is not as versatile, and his defense is probably kind of weak. To top it all off, he seems like a pretty good locker room guy, and when he doesnt play, will always stand up, wave towels, and make the 3-point symbol over his eyes.

Grade: Better than Aminu or Cook, roughly similar to Gomes, but with different capabilities.


Mo Williams is much harder to explain in light of what some see as his problems, as well as huge successes he has had.


Mo Williams- Offensively, Mo can carry a team. He can drive, hit the midrange jumper off the pick and roll, and is a sniper from 3 point line. His average this year is down to 29% because he was forced to play through a hip injury due to other players being out, and he hasnt been getting any lift all year. However, the fact that he played through a pretty bad injury to not let his teammates down doesnt sound like something Baron Davis would do (correct me if I am wrong). He can run the fastbreak, and can indeed throw lob passes!


I have heard several people saying that Mo WIlliams is not a passer, which is not quite true. While he IS more of a scorer, he is averaging 7.1 assists per game this year-higher than Baron. This is on a team which has won all of 10 games, with a terrible supporting cast, so those numbers could definitely be higher. He can make some amazing passes, especially on the fastbreak, and several of them are on Youtube if you want to check it out. His defense is poor, mainly because he is so small, but with a huge backline that you guys have, it wont be noticed too much.


Finally, he does have playoff experience. He was the 2nd best player behind LeBron on two different Cavs teams that could have been title contenders, until LeBron decided to go to South Beach, and tank the Celtics series (yes I am STILL mad). His numbers, contrary to people's opinions, really arent that bad in the playoffs. Yes, his numbers are down, but playoffs tend to be more defence oriented, so take that as you will.

Grade- Better than Bledsoe or Warren (obviously). At this stage, considering the fact that he is 3 years younger, he is a much better option for the future than Davis, and has BETTER stats this year. Again, take it as you will.


Hope you guys get some new info out of this monstrosity, and have the courage to read through it all!


P.S- I am in LA guy, so I guess I will have to toon into more Clippers games. You guys have been exciting to watch this year, I can say that much.

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