Blake's attitude and Bledsoe's numbers

As the title clearly explains, I am going to be talking about two totally separate things here. The first is Blake Griffin's attitude, especially running back on the defensive end. The second thing is about Bledsoe, and how we should not get too high on him too quickly.

Ok, to start off, I have noticed that when the other team has a fastbreak, our guys, no matter where they are on the court, arrive back in basically the same order. I hope other people have seen this, but this is what I see.

First back: Moon and Bledsoe- These guys seem to get back very quickly, and try to prevent fastbreak points. This shows VERY good effort and hustle.

Second back: Foye, Mo, Gomes, Aminu- These guys get back on a fair few fast breaks, and several times have stopped points on good defense. Not necessarily hustling too hard, but still showing effort.

Slow back: Everyone else but Blake- This can be expected, since these are the post players, and will obviously be farther away from the Clippers' basket.

Blake- ALWAYS the last guy down on defense. Tonight, Z-Bo, who was guarding him on most possessions, beat him down the floor every time, and got several easy buckets off of it.

Now, most of the list isnt really that important, since court position matters a lot, but Griffin being down late every time is not a good sign. It shows laziness, and a bad work ethic. He is probably one of the fastest and most fit guys on the team, and going the other way, is the FIRST down the floor. It seems like he is not willing to run down to help out his teammates, which also lets them and the team as a whole down. Kids are always told to run back down and hustle, and Blake violates this by his laziness/unwillingness to run.



On a totally different subject, I would like everyone to quiet down a bit on the Bledsoe hype. He will probably be a good point guard in the future, maybe even an all star, but his stats in the past few games are hugely inflated. Scoring 19 points in the 4th against a terrible Wizards team down by 20 with no good defenders doesnt say much about his skill, just their terrible defense. His 11 points in the 4th against the Grizzlies is much the same: the Clippers were out, the Grizzlies werent up to playing much D since they were up 25, and so Bledsoe scores.

This is certainly not to detract from Bledsoe's game, as like I said, I think he has immense talent. However, right now he reminds me of someone that I love to hate: Ramon Sessions. Of course, Bledsoe will end up being much better than Ramon, but they are very similar players. They love to drive, have not so good court vision, dont make the best decisions quite often, and dont have outside jumpers.

The reason this is bad is that despite Ramon's hype as an up and comer, MANY of his points and assists came in garbage time, and now that Mo has left the Cavs, he is sucking up terrible. Despite the fact that he had 18 points and 6 assists a game for the Bucks a couple years ago, they didnt resign him, because he is the ULTIMATE garbage time player.

I hope that Bledsoe becomes a great player, but I just want everyone to calm down a bit about him. I think the far more important matter is Blake running back up the floor on defense, and supporting his teammates.

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