The Waste Land


II. A Game of Chess... er- Checkers? ... Okay. Kids throwing food at each other...

Duke: So tell me, why do you think EJ is a poor bball player?

Rob M: Why do you think he’s such a good rebounder?

Duke: Can’t you just answer the question like a normal, rational person?

Rob M: I’ll answer when you answer because I asked you first.

Duke: Actually I did. But whatever. You’re impossible.

Rob M: Nope. I asked first. Check your comment history.

Duke: Jeez, man. You can’t even answer a simple

Rob M: Why should I answer a question for you, especially if I’ve already answered it.

Duke: If I wasn’t the one asking before, how should I know the answer? That’s illogical.

Rob M: Oh, I’m the illogical one, right.

falconPUNCH: how great am i?

Duke: You’re an amazing person, fP. You’re the John Keats of blogging. We all love you.

Rob M: I agree, fP. You’re an outstanding citizen. We all wish we were as gifted as you!

Duke: Don’t change the subject, Rob M.

Rob M: I think you changed the subject. How funny. Typical, Duke.

Duke: God. You’re an idiot.

Rob M: Name calling. Wow. You’d have to be real stupid to act this childish on a blog.

Duke: I see you’re not above name calling.

Rob M: I never called you a name.

Duke: You just did! You called me stupid, stupid!

Rob M: No, I said that “you’d have to be stupid.”

Duke: Qualifying your statement doesn’t change its spirit and intention.

Rob M: Oh, so know you wanna talk about spirits. Crazy, Dukey.

Duke: I just wanna talk about basketball.

Rob M: Now you’re a comedian.

Duke: I asked you a basketball question.

Rob M: I’m pretty sure you’ve just been personally attacking me.

Duke: look at the first comment in the thread. I asked you about EJ.

Rob M: I could only do that if I had respect for you.

Duke: This is why everyone hates you.

Rob M: I would argue that everyone actually hates-

hi, this is fP. sorry to interrupt this delightful entertainment. but i just had to interject for a quick comment: stop it. please, stop it. you're hurting me. i don't deserve it. i don't, nor does ClipsNation. *smiley face*



Shantih shantih shantih





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