Free Agents I find interesting

Just some free agents this summer that could MAYBE SLIGHTLY find a home here in L.A.  Any thoughts?

All of this was written by me, no biting off any websites or anything...


Caron Butler - Tough kid, would be a solid SF.  Can create his own shot, and is a well rounded player.  Has range out to the 3, and can rebound decently well.  Average passer.  Tenacious defender.

Averaged 15 points/4 boards/1.5 assists with 43% shooting from three, 45% from the field, and a steal this year before going down with injury.  Would be a tad expensive though.  Paid $10.8 Mil last year 

Tayshaun Prince - Veteran, long armed, and a good defender.  Been a part of a winning team and filled his role well.  Can shoot, pass very well from the SF position, and rebound.  Getting up there in age, but production has yet to drop off.

Averaged 14 points/4.5 boards/3 assists this year and gives good all around percentages from everywhere on the floor.  Likely would have to overpay for a guy passed his prime.

Thaddeus Young - "Young" stud, still only 24.  Has never started before, being overshadowed by Andre Iguodala but has shown a lot of upside.  Athletic and can straight up play.  Averaging 13 points/5.5 boards/1 assist with 55% shooting from the field.  Doesn't really offer much from 3, 22% this year.

Andrei Kirilenko - Everyone always expected his production to dip somewhere, but hasn't.  One of the better defenders in the game, has length and good instincts.  12 points, 5.5 boards, 3 assists and a block and a steal a game.  Has length.  47% from field, 37% from 3.    

Boris Diaw - One of the best passing forwards in the league, has a good feel for the game.  Sometimes not aggressive enough, looks to set up others before looking for his own shot, sometimes to a fault.  Can shoot, board, and guard 4 positions.  Pretty damn inconsistent.  Averages 11/5/4 with percentages of 48/34.  Can fill many roles.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - Went to UCLA, right here in Clippertown.  Top 5 defender in the league, in my opinion.  Has length, size, good instincts, and a willingness to be tenacious.  Averages 6/1/5 in 25 minutes.  Still young, has a ton of potential.  Can shoot the 3, and virtually everywhere while on the court, lots of energy.  Seems to be in the right place at the right time.

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