Who is your mistress team? (western confrerence only)

It's that time of year again, the playoffs have started and unfortunately the clippers didn't make it.  But most of us have a mistress team, a more successful team who is second to our true love.  So let's go down the list of the eligible teams:

OKC: The thunder are the darling child of the NBA right now, and for good reason.  They are fun to watch, are young, and have two of the more spectacular young players in the league right now in Durant and Westbrook (I guess you can put Ibaka in there as well). This is my choice out of all the western teams and they are the team I think the clippers can really model themselves after.  And they have a much better chance of winning it all with the addition of Perkins to play defense and add some toughness to the young Thunder.

Memphis: Probably one of the more unexpected teams to make the playoffs.  They remind me of a more athletic version of the Spurs (if maybe less stable), they play great defense and they run solid offensive sets through Zbo to get most of their points.  And they are doing all of this without their max. contract player Rudy Gay.  I think Memphis is a real sleeper team and if Manu is out for longer than expected than they could possibly pull the upset.

Spurs: The old champions managed to do better than expected and actually got the top seed in the West.  They did this with less production from Duncan, a spike in production from Manu, and with good health through the season.  Well that was true until the last game, with Manu out for at least the 1st game of the series the Spurs will have to manage without Manu for a bit.  The Grizzlies allegedly tanked to play the Spurs because they seemed vulnerable, the Spurs are going to have to prove them wrong or risk being a rare top seed to get booted from the 1st round

Dallas: Texas team number two had another 50 win season, and yet you can't quite shake the feeling that they are doomed to collapse.  They just haven't been able to recover since collapse #1 in the finals against the Heat. They face a tough 1st round and one wonders that even with all their talent if this might just be the same old show all over again.

Portland: The Trailblazers just don't ever seem to quit, even with injuries to Roy and every big man they have on the roster they just keep on trucking.  I would admire the Blazers if our games against them and the actions of Andre Miller (and the fans that defended him) didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth.  With that said they seemed poised to be fun watch and a tough out for Dallas.

Denver: So who needs super stars anyways? Well apparently not Denver, they have definitely been a better team post trade.  The ball movement is great, scoring is balanced, the defense is better, and as the old cliche goes they are playing as a team.  You really have to give a lot of credit to George Karl he kept the team going through the whole Melo media blitz and now his team will play in what will probably one of the most entertaining series when they play the Thunder

Hornets: Poor Hornets, they looked like that might actually be able to put up a good fight in the post season, but then David West had to go and get injured.  CP3 is still great and he should have field day against Derek Fisher and Steve Blake.  However they seem to have bad match ups everywhere else.  Just like ever (true) clipper fan I will be pulling for them against the Lakers but I sure am not holding my breath.

Lakers: The big elephant in the room, I am aware there are some "fans" who support both of LA's teams. I personally can't stomach them, so I will ignore them because it's my post.  You are free to pick them in the poll.

So this brings us back to the question, who is you mistress team? I only left options for  the western conference teams because it works better in poll form.  However I am really hoping for an OKC vs. Bulls final, it would be fun series that would definitely go 7 games, and plus the Lakers aren't in it which makes it gravy no matter who wins.

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