Is VDN using the same offensive plan for Mo as he used with Baron?

I only got the time to start watching a lot of basketball around the trade deadline (soccer season), and  I didnt see that much of the early Clipper season, but I was wondering, has VDN changed the offense for Mo at all? 

Now, you could say that we dont have an offense at all, which is basically correct, but was there the same reliance on the PNR or Pick and Pop with Kaman that there is now with Mo? If there was, than that is bad coaching, since Baron and Mo are highly dissimliar point guards.

From what I have seen in the 20 or so games since the trade, the pick and roll or pick and pop offense is what we do 80% of the time. It is predictable, relies on Griffin forcing himself inside, or Kaman making 20 foot jumpers.

Besides the fact that it just isnt a real offensive strategy, it doesnt utilize the players' talents.

EJ is being used more of  a spot up shooter, which is really not his game. The wrist could be preventing him from being aggressive, but most of his shots are just him getting the ball out on the perimeter and scoring.

On the other hand, Mo Williams is best off the ball, and while he can make some decent passes or drives, that is just not his game. While he did this in his best season with the Bucks in 2007-2008, his best year in all categories was the next year, when he played off LeBron.

Now, the Clippers other strategy is get it down in the post and pass out, but since he isnt double teamed consistently, and VDN's offense doesnt call for much motion, he normally ends up taking a contested shot, the enemy has a potential fastbreak, and then we give up a score on the other end.


My solution to this would either be to get Griffin some real go to post moves with some finesse instead of power, making him into a true double team target. This could free up Mo or EJ on the outside, or allow EJ to cut and shoot in the land (VDN's offense has little to none cutting into the lane). The other would be to force EJ to make his handles NBA-worthy, so that he could handle the ball, and Mo could play off. The final solution would be to get a SF like Iggy who can drive and kick, and run our offense more like that.


In other words, the team's offense is not doing well because VDN only has 1 offense, and it doesnt work after our change of PGs. We either need to get the players or develop the players we have as listed above, or get a coach with better offensive sets. I think this would help us a lot.

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