Breaking the perception of the Clippers building a winner

There is this huge belief that the Clippers are actively trying to get better. But, I completely believe this notion is baloney! I have been beating the drum that this is the same old Clippers while many of you lemmings eat all the BS that the Clippers PR dishes out.


Let's look at the trades:


ZBo essentially traded for Rausal Butler, and Craig Smith

Camby traded for Travis Outlaw, and Steve Blake

Money Saved in Cap Space = roughly $16 mil

Results of Cap Space = Rasual Butler, Craig Smith, Ryan Gomes, Randy Foye, Brian Cook



Baron Davis and a lottery pick traded for Mo Williams

Money Saved in Cap Space = $6-11 mil

My prediction of the results of Cap Space created = Resigning DJ


Now the sad believers may say "But lookie here now, they trying to make sure the core stayin together. That's tryin to build sumthin right?"

If you believe this you are a mindless sheep. I say "baaaaa" to you.

The same mindless sheep may say "But the team will trade Kaman for a SF that will solve our problems"


The team will trade Kaman for a SF, but only if the contract is expiring.

I already completely destroyed the OKC comparisons in the past. So you sheep need to stop believing that. Especially now since OKC traded one of their young guys for a vet with health issues, and immediately gave him big money.


One thing that actually gives Clipper sheeps a glimmer of hope: DTS listens to the fans. He got rid of MDSr when the fans turned on him. He got rid of Baron when the fans turned on him. It's time for Olshey to go.

Instead of chanting "Fire Olshey," the fans should chant "Hire Pritchard." The last two times the fans got their way, but were so shortsighted that the team didn't improve because the incompetent management had no idea how to improve the team by finding the right successors.

When you build anything, you add to the foundation. The Clippers have been keeping it the same for a couple of years now, even subtracting pieces at times. I would like to see how anyone could argue that it's not the same old Clippers. Oh wait, yea forgot the new uniforms... baaaaaa

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