On the crushing disappointment of last night...

Last night, commenting on Draft Day with my other citizens, it became hauntingly clear that the Clippers would not be making a major, or minor, trade.  Despite this fact settling in around 6:45, when Philadelphia oh so graciously picked the biggest player in the draft, I kept checking my Twitter feed every five minutes until midnight Eastern time.  Needless to say, it was an act of futility...

I then began getting madder and madder and admitting to myself that Neil really must just be a pre-Dunleavy-like yes man for Mr. Sterling.  Realizing that nothing was happening, and that Draft Night 2011 was much the same as Trade Deadline 2011 and Off-Season 2010, my hopes for this franchise are going down the toitlet.  However, I think I have to make three points (to whoever reads this, as well as to myself).

It's incredibly short-sighted to hate on Neil Olshey (or even VDN for that matter, gag).  All of this franchise's problems begin and end with DTS.  Calling Neil ineffectual isn't very fair when considering he has one (or both) hands tied behind his back.  The guy is working for a paycheck, like a lot of us.  It's not his fault he's playing in a rigged game.

Secondly, as much as we were hyped for Andre Iguodala (or any competent small forward that doesn't rhyme with Lion Homes), it's not as if last night was the end-all, be-all.  We have an entire off-season to look forward to, one in which we can STILL acquire Iguodala (or Granger, or Gay, or whoever), and failing that, some FA's.  This team is different with Blake Griffin, Gomes, Foye, and Cookie will NOT be the best we can get.

I personally believe there won't be a lock-out, and if there is, it won't be very long.  This isn't 1999; ask the owners: Greed is Good.

Lastly, it's not as if the Clippers sat by the sidelines while the entire league made moves.  Really only two teams improved through Draft Day trades: Milwaukee and Charlotte.  The Spurs made a lateral if not questionable move, and Sacramento got way worse.  Jimmertime!

As much as I hate saying this, I advocate patience.  However, this off-season is the FINAL test.  If nothing gets done, or to put it more accurately, the bare minimum gets done (warm bodies as in 2010), we will know exactly where stand...and that's waiting for DTS to either sell the team or kick the bucket before Blake Griffin hits UFA.  And I feel terrible saying that, but what a sad reality.

At least I am not alone here.  End rant.

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