What I think the Clippers should do this offseason

I am going to make a draft winners and losers post later, for people who may not have seen much of it, or all of the tiny little trades behind it.

This, however, is what I think the Clippers SHOULD do this offseason.

Our roster, if I am correct, stands like this:







The FAs would be DJ, Rhino, Diogu, and Moon. Trey Thompkins (stretch 4) and Travis Leslie (athletic SG) were our 2nd rounders, with no guaruantueed contracts.

The first order of business it to sign EJ's extension, or if you want him to test the market (perhaps lowering the price), at least know that he strongly wants to come back. Next step is to resign DJ. I shouldnt have to offer any reasoning here- this is our 22 year old "star" SG and high upside C we are talking about here.

After that, the issue turns to PF: despite Blake's love of the game and conditioning, there sure seemed like there were times last year that he was tired. I good PF backup would be nice, but not with the other moves we are going to make. I would not resign Rhino, and give Diogu the vet minimum, and Trey Thompkins a minimum contract. Our primary backup to start would have to be Diogu, but I think he performed admirably, and should be resigned. Meanwhile, Thompkins can get in shape, practice with one of the best PFs in the game, as well as a classic stretch 4 in Cook. If he improves in practice and in garbage time, he can move up to secondary backup.

We are easily set at the PG, with Mo being about an average starter in this league: above average offensively, below average defensively. With Bledsoe and Warren being two decent young prospects backing him up, along with Randy Foye if need be, we are good to go.

At SG, EJ and Foye is a very solid tandem, but we could use a #3 there, and so I propose signing Travis Leslie to a minimum contract, or slightly above. He can do the same thing as Thompkins: get chemistry with the guys, get in shape, do some practice, and get some garbage time. I highly doubt he can break Foye in minutes, unless we get another injury (please no).

Now we come to it, the position of dread, SF. As much as I love Jamario Moon both on the court as a backup and in the lockerroom, I wouldnt resign him to a contract, unless Olshey totally fails at getting a SF. With Gomes and Aminu both staying, we need a quality SF, and I think we can get one.

Forget Prince and Battier: the Denver Nuggets just got a SF in a trade  (Jordan Hamilton), who was supposed to be very good, but a bit of a ballhog. Well, going to Denver and it's evenly distributed offense should help him. They also signed a personal fav of mine, Kenneth Faried, at PF, making Kenyon Martin and Chris Anderson expendable. Both of these acquisitions though, would seem to make one man very expendable: Wilson Chandler. With Gallinari at the 3, backed up by Hamilton, and Martin/Anderson/Nene/Harrington backed up by Faried, there is really no place for Chandler. While he played at the 2 last year, one can assume that the Nuggets are trying to get Afflalo back, and have a very cheap yet effective backup in Gary Forbes anyway.

So my proposition is to try to sign Wilson Chandler. We got all that cap space to use, not to save away for a rainy day, and we should definitely try to outbid Denver if they do make an offer (Chandler is RFA). For those who dont know, Chandler is a very good defender, can make some nice passes, and is a good shooter, but more of a slasher.


Our new and improved depth chart:







Tell me what you think of this lineup: it really isnt all that different, but I think it is overall much better. Maybe not playoffs in the beast that is the Western Conference (especially since the Jazz just go way stronger again last night with Burks and Kanter, and the Warriors got Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler).

I would hope for 41+ wins with this lineup, assuming our youngsters continue their growth.

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