NHL vs. NBA lockout, and why you should root for the owners

First, let me say this, as a fan you really don't need to know the numbers. As a fan, to me, the numbers mean little.

Knowing the numbers helps you understand why there is a lockout.

Knowing the numbers does not answer the most important question: "When will the lockout end?"

Must read articles:

Lockout precedent made by NHL

Owners in NBA and NHL


If you were too lazy to read these short articles, let me basically break it down.

1. Losing a season now, is much better for the owners for the future.

2. 20% of the owners in the NBA are also NHL owners.

3. The NHL players gave in to everything the NHL owners wanted.

4. The NBA owners are willing to wait until the players cave in. Why? because of the reasons above.


All of this leads to a very doomsday type scenario for the NBA. I know there are many people who may be rooting for the players. They are the talent, they are the reasons why fans watch, etc. Also, the players essentially do not want the CBA to change at all, they want to keep everything the same and keep basketball rolling.

There are many reasons to not root for the owners. Not only do they represent "the man," owners are the one that want this lockout. No one wants to watch the owners own. No one pays to see Donald Sterling sitting courtside with his badly dyed hair, his fake bake, and hitting on girlfriends who wait in line for the bathroom (true story brah).

Why should we root for owners who are basically complaining about their worst investment in their HUGE portfolios, that contain plenty of other money printing investments, that allowed them to get into the NBA owners circle in the first place. Owners know owning a sports franchise is not a very smart investment. How many successful businesses rely on the production from their 20-30 year old employees? The owners know what they are getting into, but now that they have bought in, and they want to complain about it.

Whenever there is a lockout in any sport, the fans are always brought up. The owners or players don't care about the fans. Owners and players are arguing selfishly, they want more money for themselves respectively. They want to improve their lives.

The reason why I will root for the owners:

Watching NBA basketball improves my life. It let's me get away for however long I sit down and watch a game. As things stand now, it will take the owners "winning" this situation for NBA basketball to be played again. As a fan I don't care about the numbers, I only care about watching as much NBA basketball as I can, as soon as I can.

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