Former Draft Picks and What Happened to Them - 2007

Thanks to Citizen peterghost for coming up with a fine idea to help us move through this lockout summer. I'm bumping it to the front page, and endorsing the idea fully. May I suggest in fact that other citizens use the comments to sign up for other draft years to keep the series going but spread the workload (and the fun). Steve

Since there's nothing really to talk about besides the lockout in the NBA world, thought I'd start a small series for discussion in Clippers Nation. 

As Clippers fans, the draft is something we all usually look forward to.  It gives us a hope for the future that maybe someone we drafted will lead our not so great team into something greater.  But for the most part, our draft picks don't usually pan out like we hope for them to.  The reason I'm starting with 2007 is because our draft picks since 2008 are still with the team and doesn't make much sense to talk about them at the moment.  Everyone else before 2008 though besides Chris Kaman have come and gone and let's see what happened to them.

2007 Draft Picks

1st round - 14th pick - Al Thornton SF

2nd round - 45th pick - Jared Jordan PG


Al Thornton



This guy showed a lot of promise in his rookie year, averaging 12 points during the year, but had a lot of random bursts of high scoring.  He was drafted at the age of 24 though so his ceiling was not expected to be that high.  But this dude knew how to score.  Like usual though, the former coach who shall not be named usually does this thing with his rookies where he does not play them that much at the beginning of the year and wait a bit till he gives them more minutes.  In his rookie year after the new year, Thornton consistently scored in double digits for the rest of the season.  At one point he broke the Clippers rookie points record, scoring 39 against the Grizzlies.  By the end of that season, Thornton was voted first rookie team.  I was really high on him his rookie season, telling everyone that would listen that Al Thornton was the future.  Once Elton Brand came back from injury, him and Thornton are gonna wreck havoc in the NBA. 

But that did not happen since EB left and injuries became a reoccurring theme the next two seasons for the Clippers.  Thornton though was generally injury free, playing 75 games his second season and 51 games the next season before he got traded at the deadline.  It just sucked that AT did not really improve at all during the next two seasons with the Clippers.  His scoring average rose his second season but that was because he got more minutes.  Some articles claimed him as the most inefficient player in the league and Clippers fans now generally regard him as the offensive blackhole and mister jab jab step. 

By his third season, the Clippers have traded for Rasaul Butler and the debates about who should start happened.  I think most people here were in favor for AT as a sixth man but I could wrong.  But he started 30 games that season before he was traded and has shown flashes of scoring brilliance while being consistent in not doing anything else needed to win a basketball game.  By the trade deadline, he was traded to the Wizards for Drew Gooden and then waived the next season to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

For a small forward, his rebounding was pretty atrocious, and passing the ball was not on his to-do list.  He is currently a free agent at the moment and will most likely re-sign with the Warriors.  I personally wouldn't want him back unless for like a 12th man or something.  But I'll buy you all cookies if he somehow ends up as an all-star in the future.

Here's some highlights:

Al Thornton Clippers (via theN00bOfLife)


Jared Jordan

I honestly didn't know this guy existed but according to wikipedia, he played Summer League on the Clippers, averaging 4 points and 5 assists but was then traded to the Knicks for cash.  He never really played in the league besides Summer League and D-League but now he is playing for Greece, hopefully making money and enjoying life.


Discuss 2007 draft picks GO!


(Note: If anyone wants to help continue the series, by all means go for it.  I don't have fond memories of Paul Davis nor do my Clippers memory extends past the Darius Miles years)

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