Studs and Duds of the Portland loss

Just in advance. This is not a full recap of course, leaving that up to the far superior writing of Steve. However, I would like to make some comments about the play of several players in this game, with more emotion involved than stats. Also, I will not talk about the refereeing as a whole, or about VDN- I am still too mad to write about him.

The Stars:

Caron Butler- He continues to impress, scoring in almost any way imaginable. He has a great midrange game, attacks the basket, and can hit the 3 ball. While his defense was highly suspect against the more athletic and stronger Gerald Wallace, and he was a ball stopper at times, he also seems to be about the only truly consistent Clipper on offense, with his 2nd consecutive 20 point game.

Chauncey Billups- Once again, Chauncey played well down the stretch, drawing some nice fouls and draining some shots. He, like Butler, also seems to stop the ball a lot, and he missed some wide open players several times in the game. His defense didnt particularly stand out one way or another, but he didnt seem to make any egregious mistakes. He still remains cool, calm, and seemingly confident of success at any stage of the game.

Mo Williams- Most of his damage was done in the 1st half, but once again, Mo played great off the bench, with 14 points and 4 assists, while also playing decent defense. He only had one or two bad shots, and in fact, I thought he was passing a little bit too often. He also seems to be the best at finding players inside, which is kind of odd considering the fact that Chris Paul is on the team. Speaking of which.....

The Duds:

Chris Paul: CP3 was once again a non-factor for most of the game. He did pick up fouls on some bad calls, but he should have been able to dominate in the 4th quarter, and he did not even really try to take over. His stat line of 11 points on 4-9 shooting with only 3 assists almost makes his game tonight seem too good. He failed to connect off of of almost any pick and roll, and continually passed up his best shot, the 10 foot fader in the lane, to pass out to others on the 3 point line. He is the most talented player on the team, and he needs to play like it. Besides more shot attempts, I want to see him push the ball a little more, even though that is not really his game.

DeAndre Jordan- Jordan was just totally ineffective tonight, as his almost 38 year old mentor Camby outplayed him at every step. Outside of a few trade mark swats, his pick and roll D on Aldridge was pretty bad (though Blake's was worse), and he did not rebound much at all. Reggie Evans also seemed to outplay him at times, but his defense is not very good either.

Brian Cook- A little kitten dies every time the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie comes into the game. He loves to shoot, plays horrible defense, and is not a very good rebounder. Whenever he comes on the court bad things happen, and I will try to personally call Vinny Del Negro next game if we see him playing Cook over Solomon Jones.

This is more of a vent than anything else. I am sick of Mo, Caron, and Chauncey consistently showing up to play and consistently getting let down. Also, Randy Foye needs to move the ball a little- sometimes I think he has glue on his hands.

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