Clipper Defense = Indefensible

The only players that show anything on defense is Paul and Evans.

We all know this and all of us here do not need to see the stats.

My views on the problems for the starters sans CP3.

Blake: This is the most disparaging of all. He actually got worse at defending from last year. It hurts me to see that the Clippers are actually going out of their way to hide him on defense. He used to be good at taking charges, but now he has digressed. Someone with his footwork and athleticism should not be that bad at defense. He is late on the help rotations, he is late on closing out the 3 point line, and worst of all he doesn't seem as interested on defense as he is on offense.

DeAndre: Take that 6 off and put on the 9 again. If that's your way to pay homage to one of the best defenders of all time, you are doing a horrible job. Stop, going for the showboat block. I think the paycheck is going to his head. What troubles me the most is that if he gets one early block, he will go for the show off block every single time. His pick and roll defense is actually pretty good, but he needs to stop going for every single block. Also, 1/3rd of his paycheck is because he is 7ft tall, 1/3rd of his paycheck is because he can block shots, and the last 1/3rd of his contract is to rebound. His rebound rate is pretty poor compared to last year. His defensive rebound rate and offensive rebound rate have dipped to a career worst.

Caron Butler: has been known as a impact defensive player in the past. I have seen some flashes so far, but I think the fact he is coming off that surgery is hurting him a lot. Everyone is blowing by him in the first step. I don't know when he will be right, but it was a major knee surgery and he is on the wrong side of 30. He might turn out to be a bad signing outside of overpaying him.

Chauncey Billups: hasn't been a good defender in a very long time. His hip and age are going to leave us wanting more on defense every game. Not much more can be said. At, least he is cheaper than Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye.

The bench is full of average to below average defenders outside of Evans.

**Bledsoe: might be a good addition to help the backcourt defense, but who knows how long it might take him to get back into the flow.

A solution? They just need to focus and try harder. Maybe playing zone more often can help hide the defensive inefficiencies , but at the same time the Clippers are not rebounding. A zone defense is known for leaving a bounty of second chances.

Let's hope they take more pride in their defense, because right now it seems as if they don't care.

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