Hypothetical Scenario Opinions

So I'm sure we can all agree that Blake Griffin's awesomeness is the reason for the recent turnabout in this franchise. Well I wanna take everyone back to the 2009-2010 season for a completely hypothetical, might not have even happened scenario just for laughs and giggles and good ol' blog speculation.

So the 09-10 season was supposed to be the original rookie year for Blake Griffin but we all know that he got injured and was delayed till the following season. In that season, we still had Mike Dunleavy as a coach, Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, and DeAndre Jordan were our front court, Baron Davis and Eric Gordon was our back court, and SF kept rotating between Al Thornton, Rasaul Butler, and occasionally Ricky Davis. And our bench had the great Brian Skinner, Mardy Collins, Craig Smith, Sebastion Telfair, Steve Novak. Midway through the season after the infamous waterpipe game at Memphis, the whole team took a new identity by trading away Camby, Telfair, and Thornton for Drew Gooden, Travis Outlaw, and Steve Blake, none of them staying after the season. And we also fired Dunleavy and had Kim Hughes coach for a bit. And the offseason after was the great Lebron sweepstakes that saw the Clippers not really try and losing out on LBJ and grabbing Ryan Gomes/Foye/Cookie instead.

So now after that history lesson, what if Blake Griffin never got injured in pre-season and instead had his fantastic rookie year during that season. How different would our team be today. Now remember, this is all hypothetical and based on assumptions. But I'm assuming with Griffin, our team would've done a lot better than we actually did. Dunleavy was able to coach that ragtag group close to .500 until the Memphis game. I'm guessing with Griffin, our record might have been a lot better. And because our record wasn't so bad, the team would not have given up and traded away Camby, Thornton, and Telfair for rentals. And more importantly, I don't think Dunleavy would have been fired had the team was actually decent that year.

And to take it one step further, Griffin's star power in his rookie year was able to convince Chris Paul to come play with us, what if we were able to convince Lebron James out of going to Miami with his friends to come play for the Clippers that offseason. Our biggest hole was SF and every other position was pretty filled up and ready to roll.

Would you guys have taken this team of

C - Kaman

PF - Blake



PG - Baron Davis

Bench - DJ, Camby, Rhino, Thornton, Telfair

And Coach Mike Dunleavy

Over what we have today?

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