Mike D'Antoni, anyone?

We've just seen the first head roll regarding the NBA's ever-changing Coaching Carousel and it's hard to argue Mike D'Antoni looks to be on the outs in New York.

I think it's really strange that he's getting so much heat; it's not his fault. Dolan (and Glenn Grunwald is it now?) have totally shifted the direction of the team without the consent of its head coach.

Let's get this straight. Mike D'Antoni is a GOOD coach. His system is GOOD. I don't like how people say Seven Seconds or Less will never win a championship. Those Suns teams were dealt raw hands in crucial times: the Joe Johnson concussion against DAL, the suspensions of Amar'e and Diaw against SAS, Steve Nash's bloody nose that just wouldn't quit (again) against SAS, and finally Tim Duncan banking in a lucky three that would've given the Nash-Shaq Suns home court (yet again) against SAS.

It's ludicrous that D'Antoni, whose system relies on a PG, has been asked to use Chris Duhon, then Toney Douglas, now rookiee Iman Shumpert as his starting PG.

What a waste.

And I am STILL laughing at Mike Woodson being brought in as the "Defensive Coordinator". Pardon me, but what about ANYTHING in his six years in ATL shows the man knows defense?

Now regarding LAC. I suppose VDN deserves one more year, but please understand, this guy sucks.

What does Clips Nation think about going after Mike D'Antoni in the off-season? CP3-Blake has the potential to smoke Nash-Amar'e.

The wild card here is DeAndre Jordan. D'Antoni has NEVER had a defensive minded center that can run and gun with his system. DJ meshes perfectly.

It should also be noted the D'Antoni/Nash Suns were never Warrior-esque on D. They weren't lock-down by any means, but they played decent defense.

Adequate defense, a POWERHOUSE offense like we're currently seeing (hello six turnovers last night), and two of the best competitors in the game in Blake and CP3 SHOULD be able to win a chip.

There is no team like the Spurs standing in our way, either. The West is wide open and looks to be for the next couple of years.

I say make the move.

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