Man, it sure is fun to be a Clipper fan!

In sports there is always that certain team or player that you stop what you are doing just to watch them on TV. They carry a certain pizzazz that is impossible to ignore.

Tiger Woods had that before the porn stars. Barry Bonds and Muhammad Ali certainly make the grade. Magic Johnson's Showtime Lakers and the original USA basketball Dream team were both teams you woke up early or stayed up late to watch compete.

Those players and teams didn't just win, they won with style.

Now, I'm not placing these Clippers in the upper echelon of pizzazz with those teams and athletes, but it's impossible to deny that they are fun to watch. These Clippers are too good to miss.

Last season the attraction started and ended with the lob dunks. Lob City was more than the teams nick-name, it was an expectation every fan brought to every game. To watch the Clippers last season without seeing one monster dunk was a disappointment. Like going to a hockey game and not seeing a gloves-off brawl.

Last year the team tried to distance itself from the nick-name by saying they were more than just that, this season they are proving it.

This team plays defense. This team has the front runner for Most Improved (Jordan), Sixth Man of the Year (Crawford) and MVP (Paul). This team has the Association's best bench. Oh, and this team does from time to time, still throw down the occasional monster dunk.

These Clippers have the making of a special team.

It may sound corny, but I think it's important to realize how good this team is and appreciate their success as the season continues. I was fortunate enough to see Michael Jordan live in a game in Chicago. I was at Angel Stadium when the Angels were one out away from the Series until Dave Henderson ruined everything. Not necessarily a good moment for Angel fans, but certainly historic and I was there!

So, I'm curious Clipper fan, with so much to be excited about what exactly has you the most excited?

Is it the emergence of Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan? Maybe its the second units defense and energy. Maybe you lean more towards watching CP3 handle the basketball like a yoyo, or is it Jamal Crawford regularly breaking ankles?

I want to hear from you! To make it easy, I have narrowed this down to just a few options. Leave me your choice and thoughts in the comments.

  1. The emergence of Eric Bledsoe as mini-LeBron.
  2. CP3's handle
  3. DeAndre Jordan's consistent jump-hook
  4. Jamal Crawford making impossible shots leaving ankles in his wake
  5. The best bench in the Association
  6. Lob City
  7. The fact that all the above is happening as the Lakers limp along
  8. Other
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