Daily Clipper for November 15, 2012

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Great win for the team last night. Here are some Clipper-related news making their way around the League. Thanks to Lawler's Law for helping with some of the clippings.


Eric Bledsoe stonewalls Dwyane Wade’s dunk attempt (VIDEO) | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Ball Don't Lie: Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is famous for many basketball skills, but one of them is his status as the best shot-blocking guard of his generation. Whereas most shot-blockers earn their defensive reputations by patrolling the paint, Wade got his …

Rapid Reaction: Clippers 107, Heat 100 - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Chris Paul was careful not to label this a measuring-stick game. While admitting that any game against the defending champion is a big game, he didn't want to make too much of the eighth game of the regular season.


At least L.A. has one stable, winning franchise in Clippers - latimes.com
What an exciting night, and it's all about basketball.

Clippers have no trouble blowing out your defending champion Miami Heat | ProBasketballTalk
The Clippers can make a legitimate claim to the title of the league's top team, or at the very least, the best in the Western Conference.

Caron Butler gets clarity on his role with the Clippers - latimes.com
The forward and Coach Vinny Del Negro agree he should be playing an all-around game.

Unleash the fury, Jamal " HoopSpeak.com

Obama: Blake Griffin Could Be Best Power Forward Ever | Beyond The Buzzer | Your #1 Off The Court Source
President Obama, a big basketball fan, recalls a conversation with Chris Paul about the improvement of the LA Clippers, and in particular, Blake Griffin's jump shot, which if he perfects, could make him the best power forward ever, according to the commander-in-chief:

Crawford finds happiness with Clippers - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Jamal Crawford wanted to be honest with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Around the League

Zach Randolph, Kendrick Perkins ejected for altercation
Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins are not friends. And they go out of their way to prove it sometimes.

Miami failing to show toughness on road - Heat Index Blog - ESPN
Blake Griffin challenged LeBron James during the Clippers' 107-100 win over the visiting Heat.LOS ANGELES – Midway

How ESPN Ditched Journalism And Followed Skip Bayless To The Bottom: A Tim Tebow Story
In October, Doug Gottlieb, a radio host and basketball analyst who'd decamped for CBS the previous month after nine years with ESPN, went on The Dan Patrick Show and dropped something of a truth bomb about his time in Bristol:

Andrew Bynum’s hair looks great, everyone | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Ball Don't Lie: Being hurt is tough. All players want is to be out there on the field, performing to the best of their abilities and the top of their athletic intelligence, being handsomely compensated while receiving heaps of unwavering praise...

Magic Johnson critical of Los Angeles Lakers' Jim Buss, decision to hire Mike D'Antoni - ESPN Los Angeles
After tweeting that he would remain silent if he didn't have anything nice to say, Magic Johnson said what was on his mind anyway.

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