The Daily Clipper – Get-A-Way Edition


Before going into a turkey coma, enjoy some Clipers/NBA tidbits!

Thanksgiving eve means these not that many stories to go around. Looking forward to tonight's exciting game!

For those getting away for the long weekend, safe travels. If you drink (I will), don't drive (I won't)!.

Five reasons why the L.A. Clippers are better than the Lakers |
Thunder coach Scott Brooks didn't take the bait Tuesday when asked which team was better, the Los Angeles Clippers or Los Angeles Lakers. This being an election year, Brooks opted to tiptoe through a minefield of political correctness. Wise decision, given OKC still has four games remaining against the Lakers and three against the Clippers.

Los Angeles Clippers leave dysfunctional ways behind with hot start - NBA - Sporting News
The latest NBA news, scores, schedules, statistics, standings, trade rumors and more on Sporting News.

How the Clippers changed their mood - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Whatever the Clippers call it this season, it's a lot more fun than Lob City.

Eric the Amazing "

Is the flopping rule working? - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
The NBA's anti-flopping rule is a timid one that has been timidly enforced. And just maybe it's totally working. Where the league might have done so

Kevin Martin is super efficient - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Kevin Martin's offensive efficiency this season is off the charts. Most Points per Play This SeasonMinimum

Thunder's nightmare foe has gotten scarier |
When the Los Angeles Clippers walk into Chesapeake Energy Arena on Wednesday, they'll roll in red hot, coming to town atop the Western Conference at 8-2, with a league-best six-game winning streak and the NBA's last unblemished road record.

Grinnell College's Jack Taylor scores NCAA record 138 points
Grinnell College's Jack Taylor scored 138 points Tuesday against Faith Baptist to set an NCAA single-game scoring record

Finally, I want to thank Steve and the crew, as well as all you citizens, for this great community. Now, now stuff yourselves!

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