Potential Eastern Conference Trade Partners

Well now that the Clippers lost the J.R. Smith lottery its obvious what the team's chief objective is from now until the trade deadline/buyout dead line.

Today we will look at the Eastern Conference non-playoff teams (based on today's record, so we will look at the 12-18 Bucks, currently 9th in the East and any team below them in the standings) since they are the most likely to be cost-cutting mode thus there will be potential bargains available and frankly the playoff teams in the East seem determined already. I'll list their salary for this season so we can see if the Clips have the contracts to match up in a trade scenario. In the comments you can discuss the pros and cons of each available player, what offer to make and other factors (i.e. I will list Mike Dunleavy Jr. but there are non-basketball reasons why this won't happen). I took out some players that aren't available (Tayshaun or Marshon Brooks) due to free agency rules or players with great contracts that simply won't be moved for what the Clips can offer.

Keep in mind the Clippers only tangible trade pieces will be Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes, Eric Bledsoe, Brian Cook, Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie. Alternatively they have a 3.8 million trade exception they can use. We will work with the assumption that Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler, Kenyon Martin, Reggie Evans and Mo Williams are not being traded. Chauncey Billups isn't eligible for trade either as an amnestied player.

Milwaukee Bucks

Potential Wingmen - Stephen Jackson (9.2 million), Mike Dunleavy (3.75 million), Carlos Delfino (3.5 million)

Cleveland Cavaliers

Potential Wingmen - Omri Casspi (1.3 million), Anthony Parker (2.25 million), Alonzo Gee (885k)

Detroit Pistons

Potential Wingmen - Jonas Jerebko (4.5 million)

Toronto Raptors

Potential Wingmen - Leandro Barbosa (7.6 million), Linas Kleiza (4.6 million)

New Jersey Nets

Potential Wingmen - Anthony Morrow (4 million)

Washington Wizard

Potential Wingmen - Nick Young (3.7 million)

Charlotte Bobcats

Potential Wingmen - Reggie Williams (2.5 million), Corey Maggette (10.2 million), Gerald Henderson (2.25 million)


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