Nuggets 112 - Clippers 91 - That didn't go well

If you want a serious analysis and expert opinion, I ran out of that...check out the box score here.

The competition can be found here.

Awful game tonight...Doing a different take on this "recap." More like madman notes/ramblings as the game was played:

1st Qtr

Denver gets Lawson back. He quickly pushes the action. You can tell the last few games have gotten to the clippers. Team looks sluggish, esp DJ. Caron doesn't look like his back is bothering him and picks up where he left off before missing the last game. Mo picks up where he left off. CP3 picks up...well, you know. Team finishes the 1st quarter on a 12-2 run! 67% shootin! So much for the team being tired! Missing MILPH, not particularly fond of Marv, but noticed that Kerr was pretty positive on the team, but even he takes a jab at BG about his lack of post moves! (Shaq and CWebb follow this line of poor logic during the half time show too). VDN used the 3 guard lineup of Mo, Billups and CP3 with success.

2nd Qtr

Mo, Caron, Foye, BG and Reggie begin the 2nd quarter. Offense looks stagnant. Mo's jumpers not falling. BG goes out and offense disappears. Miller drives the lane and begins to carve up any sign of a clippers defense. Lawson and Miller's penetration kill the Clippers. TNT actually dedicated a segment of the cast to Miller and how he is a good fit for this team. Karl saying how he wants him to finish his career here. Blah, blah, blah....Lawson is no match for Billups or CP3 and drives and kicks out at will. Billups finished 2 for 9 and is 3 for 17 since last night's game vs Utah! The other 3 guard line up of foye, billups and Mo, not as effective . Looks like CP3 had a clinic on reverse up and under layups because both Mo and Caron had a similar shot this game. After being up by 13 in the 1st, lead is down to 4. Spotted in the crowd: Rhiana, Billy Crystal, and Don Cheadle. Seems like DJ was being bothered by his knee. He got caught running out on a missed layup. Nene and Lawson ended up getting two offensive boards, while he was just standing around. Outscored 35-19 in the quarter.

3rd Qtr

Nice pick-and-roll dunk by BG off a CP3 pass. Gallianari kills any momentum with 2 back to back 3s. VDN finally calls time out after Clippers get down by 14! 17-5 run by Nuggets. Affalo being very physical with CP3. Game is getting out of hand so badly we get our first Gomes sighting of the night. He makes a shot! That is all. Bad, bad 3rd quarter.

4th Qtr

To quote my 8 year old: Do I really have to!? Oatmeal Raisin sighting (finished 0-4)! Down by 20 and I can't believe CP 3 is still in the game with 10 minutes to go! Get him out and put the rookies in! I don't have a problem with this loss. It's bound to happen. Let's not become the typical feast-famine lakers fan. It's a shortened season and it's bound to happen to them again. It's what I get for doing a Groundhog day game! JUMBACO time!

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