The Case for Terrence: Something beneath the surface

We have been a team on a new frontier. From the stank dank coffin of the ship hull to top of the deck with one hand on the helm with a head cocked toward the 'crows nest'. With that ascent comes a more refined pallet and elevated expectations. We start to expect that we can get what we want. Recently we learned that we can't get it all just yet. Clipper GM and coach Vinnie were in the J.R. sweepstakes. When indentured servant turned mesne lord of estate, Chauncey Billups went down for the season, the Clippers went full steam ahead of the rather drought swingman well hunt. A well devoid of mentionable talent that had not already be claimed to stake is what the Clippers were fishing in and the one big bass was J.R. Smith. With Mr. Smith going to Gothem, the Clipper organization's fishery now consists of minnows and guppies for possible options. My focus is on once spirited marlin now knuckled under tuna. Or so it seems.

With little bit of quick delving of the roundball archives trumped up by a bit of dialogue from a separate post, I came across a player that 'fit the bill' of the Clippers needs and one that was young to be around after Billups, if all things worked out and that was the route to venture. Terrence Williams out of Louisville, Kentucky, a adolescent stallion of a stead. With a physic that rivaled Corey Maggette's and athleticism that exceed it his. Terrence Williams came in as a lottery pick by the New Jersey Nets as a senior out of the college game. Terrence reported to camp with the bio description of his strengths as:

"Freakish athlete with a good build and a great feel for the game ... Really showed that he has matured from his freshman year, by leading Louisville to the overall number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and an Elite Eight appearance ... He is a triple-double waiting to happen, averaged over 12 points per game, 8 rebounds per game, and over 5 assists per game ... He also led the team in steals with over 2 per game ... He is a defensive stopper who is able to guard multiple positions on the floor which should help him at the next level ... His vision and ability to pass are standout for a wing player..."

Terrence went to camp as well as his entire rookie season playing in 78 and starting in of them. He ended the season averaging 8.4 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 2.9 apq all in 22 minutes per game. It was a season that saw him have a Triple Double in his 75th game of his career, a feat many players never have. It also saw him see a career high of 27 points. He started and ended the season strong. But on December 15, 2010 Terrence Williams got a notice of change of address in a trade that also included the Lakers. It seems that he had somehow wore out his welcome in The General's platoon, being labled as a problem child.

Rocket's GM after the trade had this to say:

“We felt like that draft, Terrence had top-10 talent,” Morey said. “We still believe that. We think a fresh start might be exactly what he needs to show what he can do. It’s going to have to be something he shows the coaching staff how he can help us win.”

Yet there in Houston he sat on the shelf for 2 weeks before he got to hear his sneakers squeak during game time. And that was just for 7 mins. And when he did, never did he see game time that truly exceeded 10 mins, besides one game.

In what seems to be a well produced home video"Poor Hungry Driven", Terrence W. seems to shed some interesting light on the matters of his journey adding a little first person insight to what goes on behind the NBA curtain. He talks of what coach Rick Adelman said or didn't say when he first came. There is also a clip of Adelman discussing the initial matter, in what seemed to carry an "inside boys' tone to it. In it we see and hear Terrence's desires and aspirations to succeed nevertheless. During this pre-season recording he hear his hope in "playing" under new coach Kevin McHale. In 32 games this season Terrence Williams has played 148 mins in 9 games.

Terrence started pre-camp knowing where he was:

“It was very hard sitting and watching (last season), knowing I could help the team that’s out there playing … but I think I went through that to get me where I’m at today, to humble me for my future and now, so I’ll take it.

...But is it too late in Houston?

My interest has peeked in a guy that I actually liked as well during the 2009 draft. A guy that can fit physically, can presumably be had at rock bottom costs, and talks a good talk. Has he been blacklisted? Is it not worth it?

Here is a glance at the man's innate abilities;

Terrence in New Jersey

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