Wilson Chandler/OJ Mayo

Hello guys!

This may all be wishful thinking, but I've noticed recently that the names Wilson Chandler and OJ Mayo started to come up quite often in the comments. Quite some people feel that we should try to get OJ Mayo after the season and even more feel like Wilson Chandler would be awesome to have.

I know, we already have a lot of money commited to Caron Butler as our three and we have Chauncey Billups at the 2. Both have played exceptionally well for the team, especially Butler (sfter his injury...).

Now Billups held up quite well, and is doing great at an age where a lot of point guards have already disappeared due to different reasons. But he'll be 36 before next season. We have him on a 2 mil one-year contract, which is grotesque, when you think about Foye and Gomes making double that. He is old, but healthy and productive. Do we offer him another contract? Can we get him at the same price we have him now (how did we get him this cheap???)

Even though he's also doing great, we probably signed Caron Butler to too high and too long of a contract. Butler will be 32 by March. Question with him as well is, can he hold up the performance he's giving right now?

We've just gotten Kenyon and seem to be in the running for JR Smith, complicated but very talented player, who can play the 2-3.

Provided we don't give a new contract to Billups, we get 9 million off the books by the end of the season. Since we're probably giving a new contract to Billups and Evans, were probably looking at 6. If we get rid of Gomes somehow, we're looking at 10 million.

A lot of guys here have expressed not being too content with signing JR. Others think he will be a great addition. If he fits in, he might fit perfectly. He's a more than solid defender and instant offense, who creates quite a stir by being a slasher as well as a threat from three.

Chandler and Oj Mayo are the exact same type of players. All three of them are contributors more than solid perimeter defenders who provide instant offense.

So, do you think we should acquire JR Smith, or do you think we should try to acquire Mayo or Chandler? Common sense says we can't get both (we would probably be lucky to get one), but do you think there's still any way we could get them? In general, how do you think, we should procede? Or do you think it's too early?

Have a nice week everyone!

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