Clipper Guards Situation

I think the Clipper guards situation will be an interesting thing to follow the rest of the season and into the offseason, especially with the trade deadline coming up.

There isn't much I can say about Travis Leslie as he has barely played and therefore I have not been able to form an opinion of him (in addition to the fact that he is not on the current roster).

Chris Paul has been great, especially offensively. The only critiques I would have are that he doesn't push the ball enough in my opinion and the team is taking too many outside shots instead of shots going to the basket. I don't know how much of these are due to VDN.

It seems to me that Randy Foye is OK for duty as a reserve or part-time player but that he is not a starter for a good team. Perhaps I will be proven wrong.

Mo Williams is an explosive scorer when he is on, not so much when he is not. In general, Foye is considered to be the better defender although Mo will get some steals.

This brings me to the most intriguing talent the Clippers have at guard: Eric Bledsoe. Only in his second year in the NBA and having only played in a few games this year because of surgery he is a raw talent. (It should also be noted that he only played one year in college and that was at shooting guard opposite John Wall). He is one of the most athletic guards in the league and the Clippers' best defender at the position I believe. His playmaking and scoring skills are pretty raw although when given the chance last season he showed ability there.

Foye, Williams and Bledsoe all back up the point-guard and shooting guard positions. There appears to be a glut there that will need to be addressed.

So here we are a few days before the trade deadline. Should any of these players be traded?

Of these three the one that is easiest to give up from the standpoint that he is the least likely in my opinion to be part of the Clippers' future is Randy Foye. Randy Foye's contract will be up at the end of the year. Will/Should the Clippers resign him? I am leaning towards no. So maybe they should trade him and get something back for him. The problem is that the Clippers are unlikely to get very much for him and besides who would play shooting guard if he was traded.

Mo Williams has a player option I believe for next season where I think he would make $8 million or so. I believe the Clippers could amnesty him if they wish next offseason. I think Mo, would fetch more in trade value but I hesitate a little to consider trading him because he has helped the Clippers win a number of games with his offense and he is the only experienced point guard they have behind Chris Paul. But, he isn't considered the greatest defender.

Eric Bledsoe is on his rookie contract that has 2 more seasons left after this one. Because of his potential he probably would fetch the biggest return in a trade. Trading him is a gamble, however, as he has incredible athletic skills and if he could harness them could be one of the better guards in the league. He also could be another example of a great athlete who never makes it in the NBA. Because of his size he will have to play point guard although defensively I think he could defend both guard positions. Having CP3 to teach him might help him become a good NBA player and with the team having two max salary players shortly (Blake and CP3) the Clippers could use some players with inexpensive salaries.

I haven't even mentioned Chauncey Billups! He is a free agent at the end of the year and if he could be had cheaply I would like to see him come back next year in a lesser capacity off the bench where he wouldn't have to play too many minutes and can still provide great leadership.

I think the Clippers should keep Bledsoe and sign a shooting guard as a free agent in the offseason and maybe trade Randy Foye or Mo before the deadline even if only for a draft pick as the team needs to think about improving without adding large salaries.

What should the Clippers do going into the trade deadline and into the offseason?

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