Celtics 94, Clippers 85- Postgame Thread/Roll Call

Crazy face and all, the Clippers could have used Ray Allen tonight.

The Clippers lost a tough one tonight. Bad shooting, bad defense, especially bad coaching led to a bad performance tonight.

Celtics vs Clippers boxscore


Celtics vs Clippers coverage

Time for the Roll Call

Roll Call: cliptakular, muckduck, peterghost, chrisd, JackduhSun, ClipperBEAST, WaveOcean, lbclips, Rakelds79, 82-0, Kiorrik, osamu, Piatkowski, bc56274, Buddahfan, ThaFoX, chargerclipperfan, SurfinQ00, CLiPPz WeRD 12, cassellmania, UC.Clipper, bestclipfan, NewCavsfan, suikami, My dukie twinkles, Xfactor26, Beasel, indy818, Clipperoo, JJClipperfan, FlyByKnight, Jonee, Jayq, agolden, SoCalBoltFan, LJ Hann, Akram47, AudioDope, baron_davis needs a fro, discharge, tenkaistar, Valdeezy, AsTrO_nUtS, Swagmeister33, lovinglosangeles, Charles Ha, big0lbad, Lawler's Law, ColBlahHa, mustang6944, the new Bradfather, Hengtime81, fanoftheunderdogs, jonnto, phitePSEF, Hough, Champ Crawdaddy, DannyDodger, j0hNxy, ClippersCurse, Final692, ILL Eagle, SportsChicken, johnnyoc21, Sim
Total Users: 65
Total Posts: 1711
Total Threads: 2

Who won?

Well, I will accept my first win, even in a Clippers loss. I guess JayQ being out gave me an opportunity to step into a starting role, and my teammates helped me get over the top with pinpoint passes.

Name # of Posts
LJ Hann 160
82-0 120
ClipperBEAST 119
chrisd 109
muckduck 94
My dukie twinkles 87
Beasel 83
JackduhSun 71
SurfinQ00 70
Rakelds79 67
CLiPPz WeRD 12 54
tenkaistar 51
Clipperoo 46
Valdeezy 45
baron_davis needs a fro 40
Xfactor26 37
agolden 32
WaveOcean 28
Jonee 26
JJClipperfan 25
osamu 25
fanoftheunderdogs 24
bestclipfan 24
the new Bradfather 18
Hengtime81 18
Akram47 17
Buddahfan 16
lovinglosangeles 16
NewCavsfan 13
indy818 11
ColBlahHa 11
UC.Clipper 11
DannyDodger 10
cliptakular 10
mustang6944 10
SportsChicken 9
ClippersCurse 9
discharge 9
bc56274 8
lbclips 7
cassellmania 6
FlyByKnight 6
chargerclipperfan 6
Lawler's Law 5
suikami 5
peterghost 4
ILL Eagle 4
SoCalBoltFan 4
Jayq 3
AudioDope 3
Piatkowski 3
Kiorrik 3
Sim 2
j0hNxy 2
big0lbad 2
Champ Crawdaddy 2
AsTrO_nUtS 2
Swagmeister33 2
Charles Ha 1
johnnyoc21 1
Final692 1
phitePSEF 1
jonnto 1
ThaFoX 1
Hough 1

Hawks vs Clippers coverage

Peachtree Hoops

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