NBA Trade Rumors: Trade Deadline Open Thread

Well, this is just nuts. I mean, I knew it would be. The Clippers are playing for the fourth time in five night, in the midst of a nine games in 12 days stretch, it's the first Thursday of the NCAA tournament AND the NBA trade deadline is today! Do you think the league office thought about the fact that the tournament was happening at the same time when the established a March 15th trade deadline? Basically, you've got two of the high holy days of the basketball calendar falling on the SAME DAY. It's like Christmas and Halloween simultaneously out there. I heard a rumor that Jack Skellington is being traded for Sandy Claws.

With everything else going on, I'm not sure why I even wrote a preview for the Suns game. Will anyone actually read it? Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and bury it and put a trade thread on the front page. Discuss all the rumors and trades here. I'll try to update the front page with the deals as they come up.


Completed Trades:

Warriors send Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown to Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.
The big one (so far).

Raptors trade Leandro Barbosa to Indiana for a trade exception.
Barbosa had been discussed around Clips Nation, but Indy had a big enough trade exception to get it done, and the Clippers certainly weren't going to give up anything for him.

Grizzlies send Sam Young to Philadelphia.
This is the type of deal the Clippers could/might do today. A young wing for nothing more than a trade exception and a future consideration. In this case it was the rights to some guy you've never heard of who probably won't even make an NBA roster -- it could be a second round pick (or even Big Sofo) in a Clippers offer. Would Young have been a good fit for the Clippers?

Other News:

Dwight Howard waives ETO for 12-13 season - Orlando has him another year.
So we get to do this again next year! Yay!


Too many to mention, but the big ones include:

Lakers, Blazers, Wolves three team deal - Beasley to LAL, Steve Blake to POR, Jamal Crawford to MIN. Other variants are out there as well. The Clippers do not seem to be in the running for Crawford at this point, which ain't bad news.

Gerald Wallace to New Jersey for Mehmut Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected first rounder. What is going on in POR? Should they maybe have a GM? Is that the best they can get for Crash? This is NJ's backup plan for no Dwight. Will if be enough to keep Williams around next season?

Clippers figure to stand pat.
Hmm, not even a Sam Young type trade exception to an over the cap team? I'm a little disappointed, but my hopes weren't very high frankly.

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