Nick Young v. Randy Foye - Raw Number's, etc.

Shooting % Battle:

Nick Young (Career):

3PFG - 38%, FT - 83%, 2PFG - 46%

Randy Foye (Career):

3PFG - 36%, FT - 86%, 2FG - 38.6%

Obviously, you see some better shooting numbers from Nick Young here, and it could get really interesting if we took Nick Young's career Shooting % at Staples Center.

Another important Note: Foye's 3PFG% the last 2 1/2 years have been down to 34.4%, while Young's are a tick up from 38%. Biggest difference overall looks to be Young's higher proficiency from 2PFG's, though he takes a couple more per game. Of the three stats, FT% is probably the biggest wash, considering they don't get to the line often, however as listed below, Young gets to the line twice as often (3.5 v. 1.8 per 30 minutes)

Possession Stats + FT Attempts (per 30 minutes):

Nick Young (Last 2 Seasons): 2.5 Rebounds, Assists/TO: 0.83 (1.2/1.45), STL+BLK: (1.1), 3.5 FTA

Randy Foye (Last 2 + Seasons): 2.0 Rebounds, Assists/TO: 2.1 (3.4/1.63), STL+BLK: (1.2) , 1.8 FTA

This matchup is a lot more interesting. Though small, you have to like the +25% in rebounding that Young brings (an extra possession every other game), and he does turn the ball over fractionally less, but Foye brings a lot more playmaking which might equate to a wash up to here. Ditto on Steals + Blocks per 30 minutes, and of course Young getting to the stripe twice as often as Foye is perhaps the most significant stat among these four.

Man to man Defense, Chemistry, Competition:

These are the kickers, which could either make this deal great or not move the needle at all. Young brings extra size at 6'7 against Foye's 6'4, and is a couple years younger which (all things equal) should allow him to move his feet a little quicker and bother more shots. You'd think his (Young's) Defensive stats would improve, now that he finds himself on his first contending team in his young career. Though, could that also work against him now that his shots actually matter? Chemistry wise there's more speculation, he's been a higher usage player (per 30 minutes) over Foye, taking about (14.5) shots per 30 against Foy'es (10.5), but that's likely been out of necessity on a depleted Wizards roster, whereas Foye's have maybe come a little too often for his role on the Clippers of late.

Certainly lots to like for Club O, and plenty of questions for Young to answer.

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