Welcome to L.A. Nick. Now get busy.

Hey Nick. I just read a profile of you in the LATimes. IMO, It was uhm, well frankly, it didn't say much about what you bring to the table, other than potential.

Since I've never seen a Bullets (err) Wizards game, I asked my Wizards-fan nephew, who says that a lot of fans were pretty pissed off about that move. Guess that means your game is a little better than OK.

So now that you got your 1st game jitters out of the way, You'll need to make a good impression going forward. Whether you realize it or not, you just stepped into this basketball-vortex, where everything around you is rapidly changing on the fly. Ya see, this really took-off at the start of this season. So, the team's signature-identity is still unfolding, even while players' roles are still evolving. All you gotta do is slip into your role seamlessly. Can you do that son?

Truth-be-told, the Clips actually got a lot of things right this time. I have some issues with the coaching but that's another story. So, never mind how they're playing right now. That's gonna work itself out. The main thing is that by playoff time, you guys should be one of those teams that nobody wants in the 1st round. That's good enough for me.

About that team-identity thing? That's where you come in. Before you get too indoctrinated one way or the other, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1: Are you gonna fit-in and become our next gooood role player, or will you be that guy who can punish anybody, anytime, simply because you got game?

2: Are you that guy that tends to make that extra pass, or are you good enough now to take em and make em from anywhere, now that you're on a good team?

To me, the answer's a no-brainer. Why not be the next big thing dammit! Lets see, your 26 years old, with 4 years of productive experience, and by now you know exactly what you're doin, so I say sheeeeit! Go for it!!!

A little selfishness could go a long ways if you know what you're doin. Just ask your counterpart on that other team.

Good luck son,

Note to coach Paul:

Just watch the guy, see how he works, and then milk him for everything he's got..

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