Suns 81, Clippers 78- No Excuses Allowed

March 1, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro reacts to a call in the third quarter of the game against the Sacramento Kings at the Power Balance Pavilion. The Clippers defeated the Kings, 108-100. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Well, the game's been over for half an hour. So there's some words. I mean, there's just not alot to say. The Clippers played terribly, and the Suns played terribly. The only break in the funk was a caps-lock fueled Suns run in the third quarter. So I guess this one is one me. All in all, we made a trancendent thread out of a terrible game, so thanks to all of our regulars, as well as visitor fanoftheunderdogs, for a fun night.

From a big picture perspective, this game was a disaster. The Lakers, with a win tonight, tied the Clippers for the division lead in GB. The Lakers have a tough draw with the Heat on Sunday, but the Clips can't afford to slack against Houston.

Visit suns fans at Bright Side Of The Sun.

Here is the Clippers vs Suns boxscore.

Some bullet points to help out those of you who didn't see the game:

  • Point guards: The highly anticipated Chris Paul-Steve Nash matchup? Yeah, not so much. Nash only had 6 and 6 on 1-4 shooting, and CP3 logged 16 and 5 while shooting a mere 6-15.
  • Shooting woes: The one thing that this Clippers team can't afford to do is miss open shots. If nobody is hitting shots off of CP3, then the defense's job gets alot easier. 6-16 threes, 3-12 without Mo's contributions. Individually, Blake was 6-19, Butler 4-13, Foye 1-8. I don't need to tell you that those are some pretty miserable stats.
  • Bench Play: The script was flipped for the Clippers lineups tonight. Normally, the bench brought about lulls in the game, but tonight, the bench was ultimately superior. DJ made no impact on the game, while KMart had 14 points and 8 rebounds. Foye shot 13% for 2 points and no assists, while Mo Williams scored 13 points and dropped 3 dimes.
  • VDN: There's no beating around the bush here. The guy isn't much of a competent NBA head coach. The easiest way to tell is his inbounding plays. Look a little deeper, and you will notice poor rotations, questionable lineups, and lack of adjustments. Those are all pieces to the puzzle of squandered talent.
  • Short Term Memory: As they always say, great shooters have bad memories. In a month as brutally scheduled as March, the Clippers can't let an off night like this throw off their mojo. With 4 road games in 6 days starting on Sunday, and the divison on the line, the Clips really need to step up their game in the coming week.

I don't think that there's any question that a move needs to be made to acquire a shooting guard at this point. Have a good weekend, nation.

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