Clippers 91, Thunder 114- Postgame Roll Call/Vent Thread

When Thunder coach Scotty Brooks offered to give Vinny a playbook, Vinny responded, "Plays? Please, I have CP3. All I need is a pick and roll."

I honestly think that Vinny is either done, or almost done. This just can't go on.

Clippers vs Thunder coverage

Clippers vs Thunder boxscore

Welcome to Loud City

Roll Call Time. Who was the most active?

JayQ with another one! I was close, but no cigar.

Roll Call: LJ Hann, lbclips, Jayq, chrisd, big0lbad, ClipperChuck, NewCavsfan, 2-ScoopIceCream, PV Mike, baron_davis needs a fro, yaggiefresh, cliptakular, ClipperBEAST, ThaFoX, jfraj, nauticazn25, muckduck, FlyByKnight, 82-0, My dukie twinkles, CLiPPz WeRD 12, dulciusXasperis, bc56274, Lebron James the GOAT, Xfactor26, suikami, kingjames10, SchmidttyMcFunstuff, cassellmania, Divine Beast, RAR, JackduhSun, timkempton, zac4president, Rakelds79, UC.Clipper, Dawool Huh, tenkaistar, oLiViNGSToN, ClippersUK, andrewexd, jfp114, flightofthegriffin, DannyDodger, Takebb909, doubleteapot, clipdood, LACmustFireVDN, RichardSP, Hengtime81, Lawler's Law
Total Users: 51
Total Posts: 1626
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
Jayq 191
LJ Hann 174
lbclips 151
82-0 121
JackduhSun 87
ClipperBEAST 56
muckduck 55
NewCavsfan 53
Xfactor26 53
My dukie twinkles 48
cliptakular 48
ClipperChuck 46
Divine Beast 41
tenkaistar 37
yaggiefresh 37
chrisd 36
FlyByKnight 33
baron_davis needs a fro 28
CLiPPz WeRD 12 28
big0lbad 27
bc56274 27
SchmidttyMcFunstuff 24
nauticazn25 20
Rakelds79 19
jfraj 19
suikami 16
oLiViNGSToN 14
clipdood 13
ThaFoX 11
PV Mike 10
RAR 10
cassellmania 10
doubleteapot 9
UC.Clipper 8
flightofthegriffin 7
Takebb909 7
kingjames10 7
dulciusXasperis 7
zac4president 5
2-ScoopIceCream 5
LACmustFireVDN 5
Hengtime81 4
Lebron James the GOAT 4
ClippersUK 4
DannyDodger 3
RichardSP 2
andrewexd 2
Lawler's Law 1
jfp114 1
Dawool Huh 1
timkempton 1
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