The Daily Clipper – TGIF Edition

Mar 22, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin (32) slaps hands with teammate forward Caron Butler (5) after making a free throw against the New Orleans Hornets during the third quarter at the New Orleans Arena. New Orleans defeated the Clippers 97-90. Mandatory Credit: Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Wow…talk about a low! We’re here citizens…I try to look at the positives and think "we’re usually thinking about who will be our next lottery pick around this time!" Good problems to have, I think. I am adding a song to all Friday edition from now on…Enjoy!

Clippers hit new lows in NOLA - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
Tweet Rock bottom is an expression that’s been used too many times for it to mean much to the Los Angeles Clippers over the past month, but Thursday’s 97-90 loss...

Clippers can only defend coach in 97-90 loss to Hornets -
On the night the locals came to show respect for what Chris Paul has done for the Hornets and the city of New Orleans, the Clippers spent much of their energy trying to dispel rumors that there is tension inside the locker room because Coach Vinny Del Negro has lost the team.

The Clippers lose to the Hornets while Boston snaps Milwaukee's winning streak
Vinny Del Negro may be on thin ice as the Clippers lose to the lowly Hornets. Meanwhile, the Celtics snap the Bucks' six-game winning streak to inch closer to the Atlantic Division lead.

Video: Jason Smith got cheered for hip-checking Blake Griffin | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Ball Don't Lie: Yahoo! Sports - who retalietes next week?

The trouble with Los Angeles Clippers' Del Negro - ESPN Los Angeles
Expectations for the Clippers have accelerated at a pace too fast for Del Negro.-Hattip to Citizen JAYQ for getting this great read on the Fanshots

Tension high among Los Angeles Clippers players, Vinny Del Negro, sources say - ESPN Los Angeles
With the Los Angeles Clippers in free fall, tensions are high in the club's locker room, most notably in the relationship between coach Vinny Del Negro and his players, according to several sources close to the situation.

Odd but true: Larry King says Howard rejected trade to Nets | ProBasketballTalk
Who does Larry King think he is, Adrian Wojnarowski? King — yes, suspender wearing, retired talk show host Larry King — took to twitter Wednesday to weigh in on the Dwight Howard saga a week after the fact. But what he tweeted is interesting (via Orlando Pinstriped Post): You read it here.

Allen Iverson to join Dominican Republic team - ESPN
Former NBA star Allen Iverson is joining a regional basketball league in the Dominican Republic for a month.

Pacers' Jeff Foster retires due to chronic back pain | Indianapolis Star |
Is there a reason to watch the NBA after this!?

Mike Woodson on Honeymoon as Knicks Interim Coach -
The Knicks’ 3-0 start under the interim coach Mike Woodson could turn on a dime; such early success is as fickle as a reality-show marriage.

Bobcats Struggle to Keep Up in N.B.A. and With A.C.C. -
The contrast in North Carolina basketball loyalties — pro versus college — is starkly apparent, particularly with the seven-win Bobcats and the state’s N.C.A.A. tournament teams.

Stuckey, Detroit's Holdover and New Hope -
The improved play of Rodney Stuckey has offered a referendum on his future in Detroit.

Even a Player Who Made It Knows the Value of a Backup Plan -
Royal Ivey, an eight-year N.B.A. veteran, is one of the very few athletes who make it into professional sports, but he understood he had to go back to school and get a degree.

Rick Adelman rips Darko’s motivation, conditioning | ProBasketballTalk
With the emergence of Nikola Pekovic to play center along side Kevin Love, Adelman has not had to suffer Darko Milicic. Even when Pekovic was sent home from a road trip to rest sore ankles, Milicic could not get off the bench this week.

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