The Daily Clipper – Monday (3/26) Edition

Still reeling over last night's 2 hr Mad Men premier! Top cable shows (not including premium channels, cause I don't have them): 1. Breaking Bad 2. Mad Men 3. The Walking Dead

Ok, right, this is a basketball blog...back to business:

Hornets are back in town...Smith is still serving his suspension. Blake should get back at this team by beasting on them! Survey says!: 30+pts and 12 rebs...

NBA Power Rankings: Miami Heat, searching for 10th straight win by at least 10 points, still class of the NBA - NY Daily News
5. L.A. Clippers - LW: 5 The Clippers are finding out how important Chauncey Billups is to their team. They were 15-7 with Mr. Big Shot in the starting lineup, but only 5-5 since he went down Feb. 6 with a season-ending Achilles tendon injury. Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans " Blog Archive " An Alternative Final Four: The Best Highlights from LAC-MEM
In no particular order, here were the Top 4 Plays from the Clippers bounce back win over the Grizzlies, compiled by Michael Shagrin.

In Los Angeles, N.B.A. Siblings Share a Room -
Only in Los Angeles, where the Lakers and the Clippers have shared Staples Center since 1999, do professional teams in the same major sport play doubleheaders in the same arena.

New Orleans Hornets will try to shut down the Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul again |
Lost in the expected story line of last Thursday night’s game between the New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers — the long-awaited homecoming of Chris Paul

Doc's Head Games: Psychology, Performance, and Perspectives: Battle L.A.: Winning, Losing, and the Complexities of Teams
Sport perspectives and performance psychology commentaries and education from Dr. Oliver Eslinger

Non-NBA related:

Bert Sugar, one of a kind, will be missed - Dan Rafael Blog - ESPN
Bert Sugar was a friend of mine since I met him shortly after arriving on the boxing beat in 2000.RIP Bert...I still favor boxing over MMA, simply because of it's rich tradition/history...Bert was a boxing historian...he will be missed.

Mad Men Power Rankings: Episode 501/502, 'A Little Kiss' - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland
[Production notes: The Power Rankings have moved to Grantland! Very exciting. Unfortunately, the content will be in no way improved in the transition;

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