The Daily Clipper – ClipsNation Night Edition

Tonight's the night!...Looking forward to seeing a few seconds of SP, ClipperChuck, and the rest of the citizenry behind MILPH tonight...Meanwhile, here is some news:

Del Negro Was Never The Guy | BlogNBAsketball
Owner Donald Sterling has given head coach Vinny Del Negro the dreaded vote of confidence.....I am not moved. Absolutely no one should be surp...

David Stern says league will discuss adding goaltending calls to instant replay list | ProBasketballTalk
NBA commissioner David Stern wants the NBA to do away with goaltending as we know it, and adopt the international rule which would allow players to touch the ball as soon as it hits the rim.

David Stern takes a shot at the NCAA when asked about "one and done" players in college basketball | ProBasketballTalk
David Stern has some ideas about how to solve the so-called problem of "one and done" players at the college level -- you know, guys who go to school for just one year simply because the NBA's age limit makes it impossible to declare for the draft straight out of high school.

Twitter / @SpearsNBAYahoo: Kobe:"Why is everybody act ...
‏ @SpearsNBAYahoo Kobe:"Why is everybody acting like we are in 8th place? You guys were kissing the Clippers’ ass at the start of the season and now KBean Bryant always classy...

Twitter / @FlyByKnite: Blake Griffin averaged 8.5 ...
@FlyByKnite Follow Blake Griffin averaged 8.5 FTA per game last year. He's at 7.4 this season. Why the difference? No one knows

Pro Basketball - Off the Dribble Blog -
It can’t be an N.B.A. season, even a lockout-shortened one, without some Los Angeles Clippers drama.

NBA news and stuff – Blog Sports Ohio
Ohio pro, college and prep sports news, live and on-demand video, photos and more exclusively on Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans " Blog Archive " An Ode To Reggie
An Ode To Reggie

Are big men always worth big money in NBA?
Ryan Anderson averages 15.9 points, 7.6 rebounds, but it's the number 6-10' that will get him big bucks.

Dennis Rodman 'broke,' 'extremely sick,' his attorney says -
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is "extremely sick," "broke" and is in no position to pay hefty child and spousal support payments, according to court documents. Rodman is behind in his payments and faces a court hearing Tuesday in Orange....

7'8" "Tiny" No Jump Dunk - YouTube

Other news:

Michael Bay Must Be Stopped: Ninja Turtles Drops ‘Teenage’ - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland
Yes they still act like teenagers.

Magic Johnson Group To Buy Dodgers In Record Deal : NPR
I have major beef with this deal: First if the Doyers are worth 2B, Cowboys are 4 Bil? Yankees 10b? Second McCourt's grubby hands are still in the deal...keeps some of the land Finally, Kroenke's team would have made more sense and would have allowed the rams to relocate... Magic couldn't bring an nfl team to LA, so he went for the 2nd best thing...

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