Chris Paul Missed Free Throw Postgame Thread and Roll Call

Caron Butler prepares to brick another jumper. He would finish with a scoreless night in a heartbreaking loss.

Tough, tough game tonight guys. I only saw the end of it.

From what I gather, this loss can be attributed to 3 technical fouls on the Clippers (def3sec, Blake, KMart), a scoreless Caron Butler, Blake Griffin's sorry free throw shootings, and, uh... oh yeah. Kevin Love had 39 and 17.

Clippers vs Timberwolves boxscore

Anyways, it was a lively thread tonight boys and girls, even in by absence.

The winner?

JayQ, with... less than 1 comment? Stupid roll call. But I had 230,000, so I guess I win? Thanks for playing

Roll Call: Jayq, Cynical Jason, SoCalBoltFan, wilriv21, My dukie twinkles, Oh WTF, PV Mike, twistedwrister, NewCavsfan, Jonee, ClipperBEAST, cliptakular, chrisd, XXDC2XX, DonaldSterlingSucks, Buddahfan, JJClipperfan, FlyByKnight, yaggiefresh, teddygreen, shay, flightofthegriffin, Charles Ha, suikami, cassellmania, Lance Steele, tenkaistar, lovinglosangeles, Rakelds79, ColBlahHa, 82-0, CLiPPz WeRD 12, chargerclipperfan, lbclips, agolden, Swagmeister33, Champ Crawdaddy, religiousjedi, Xfactor26, indy818, osamu, CoffeeJanitor, Ricekrispy10, eshold, Lawler's Law, Piatkowski, bc56274, dan73962, SurfinQ00, UC.Clipper, LJ Hann, the new Bradfather, hans007, j0hNxy, dulciusXasperis, chimichanga, phitePSEF, muckduck, Erik O, WammyGiveaway, WaveOcean
Total Users: 61
Total Posts: 1517
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
Jayq 0.244
My dukie twinkles 91
Oh WTF 84
ClipperBEAST 77
shay 75
82-0 67
FlyByKnight 60
cliptakular 58
tenkaistar 56
Ricekrispy10 50
chrisd 46
yaggiefresh 39
lbclips 38
twistedwrister 36
Charles Ha 36
JJClipperfan 35
Jonee 35
wilriv21 33
NewCavsfan 31
Xfactor26 27
suikami 27
CLiPPz WeRD 12 26
LJ Hann 230,000
Champ Crawdaddy 22
agolden 17
CoffeeJanitor 11
teddygreen 10
ColBlahHa 10
lovinglosangeles 10
dulciusXasperis 9
PV Mike 9
SurfinQ00 9
WaveOcean 9
Rakelds79 9
DonaldSterlingSucks 7
Cynical Jason 7
bc56274 5
indy818 5
flightofthegriffin 4
religiousjedi 4
SoCalBoltFan 4
UC.Clipper 3
cassellmania 3
dan73962 3
chargerclipperfan 3
the new Bradfather 2
eshold 2
Lawler's Law 2
osamu 2
Erik O 2
phitePSEF 1
muckduck 1
WammyGiveaway 1
chimichanga 1
Buddahfan 1
Swagmeister33 1
Lance Steele 1
Piatkowski 1
hans007 1
j0hNxy 1

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