Clips Nation Night 2012 - Last Chance to Get Your Tickets Before Sunday!

The Clippers recently released some more tickets for the Clippers-Warriors game on Sunday, so you've still got a chance to join in the festivities of Clips Nation Night 2012 if you haven't already taken the plunge.


There's also a quick update on the agenda. Because Sunday is a Lakers-Clippers double header, the arena will be in full changeover mode between the games. So the reception prior to watching warm ups is going to take place at the ESPNZone across the street from STAPLES Center. That's where the whole evening will kick off, at the ESPNZone at 4:00. When you get there, tell them you're there for Clips Nation night.

It also happens to be the first home game after the road trip, the first home game in about 10 days. So it will be good to see the team back in LA.

One last time, here are the details.

  • Clips Nation Night 2012, Clippers vs. Warriors, Sunday, March 11 at 6:30pm.
  • Private Reception starting at 4pm at ESPNZone at LA Live with the usual drinks, raffle, meeting others, etc.
  • We'll cross the street to STAPLES to watch the Clippers pregame warmups at about 4:45pm.
  • Halftime fan tunnel for first 25 fans that bought tickets, and first 5 season ticket holders that rsvp'd (NOTE: these spots are all taken)
  • Prices are $120 for Lower Corner, $75 for 200 section, $40 for Upper Center, and $27 for Upper Corner. There are no fees on this tickets and they will be emailed. The team just released more seats, so even if you tried to get seats before, you can try again and you might get in. They are going fast.
  • Just follow this link to purchase your tickets. The password is Clipsnation.

If you are a season ticket holder and wish to attend the event, simply email Maurice (mbaker at with your account number to let him know you're coming.

Note: Only people that buy tickets through the link or season ticket holders that email Maurice will be eligible for the event.

This is a great chance to meet the fellow Citizens of Clips Nation, to talk some basketball and see a game. Let's have a huge turnout this time. Remember to act fast on these tickets -- the Clippers are a hot ticket right now, so we're not the only ones that want to attend (for a change).

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