Jamal Crawford and Ray Allen

So basically, the two names getting thrown around lately are two names that greatly interest me. Jamal Crawford is a GREAT 6th man in terms of scoring while Ray Allen, well.... deadly 3 pointer, underrated defender, and veteran player are just a couple of ways to describe him. So I think deals for each on are pretty simple to concoct, but would they be passed?
Jamal Crawford: He seems much simpler to get than Allen. It seems that the Blazers want to ship him out because he wants to test free agency, and the way he is playing, there is a decent contract coming his way. Some sources say they offered a Bledsoe for Crawford deal. No, it won't be straight up, because the contracts don't match. I think we can get away with shipping out Gomes' ugly contract to them (because let's face it, getting Bledsoe for what is an expiring contract is a pretty stellar deal). I would HATE this if we decided to ship them Foye also, but I'm pretty steady on that not happening, because Olshey has shown no signs of pulling off a dumb deal. In all honesty, if we are sending them Bledsoe, I would want at least a 2nd rounder back in return.

Deal: Bledsoe +Gomes for Jamal Crawford:

Ray Allen: This one is a little trickier. It seems that Boston isn't set on shipping out Allen for nothing, especially when his contract is expiring anyways. They wouldn't need a Mo Williams, and it seems that they want youth and picks; long story short, they want to have something to build on. Rondo is a fine building piece and I doubt he is being shopped, especially the way he is responding to trade talks. Now this deal would have to be based around who I would guess is Bledsoe. I think a mix of Bledsoe+ Expiring contracts should be enough, but I wouldn't be dumbfounded if they wanted a pick or two in return. I say go for it.

Deal: Bledsoe+Foye+Cook (to match contracts) + 2nd rounder for Ray Allen:

Now this next deal I am proposing really doesn't make that much sense, nor do I think it would happen, but who knows? We basically give up Mo for Jamal Crawford and Bledsoe for Allen. To balance the contracts and make it somewhat plausible, I shipped out Matthews to the Celtics (some youth). I don't know a great deal about him, but he seems like a decent, young player. Honestly, I don't see how much stronger our team gets in terms of bench production, but I believe that Mo Williams and Jamal Crawford wouldn't work well together. I like this deal because it gives our bench more of a scoring threat, and it keeps our defense on the bench somewhat stellar.

Deal: Gomes+ Williams for Crawford/ Bledsoe + Matthews for Allen.

All in all, I think these trades are plausible, but at the same time, the 3 team one is not going to happen. Although dreaming of the following lineup is nice.
I believe that our 1st team can step up on their defense (especially if we get rid of VDN) with Allen. And our 2nd team would be more of a threat offensively. And honestly, if we wanted a defensive lineup, I think switching Martin for Jordan would work.

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