The Clippers Trade Thread

March 15 is just one week away. The Clippers are in a rut, and it all has to do with San Antonio. The only way they can regain their confidence is to beat San Antonio at their own home court. They GOT to. If they lose, not only will they have their first three game losing streak of the season, the Clippers will automatically be out of the playoffs, and will have to wait til next year when they get Billups back. But that's the cowards way out. The Clippers need to make a move as soon as possible.

So I'm creating this official trade thread. Use the ESPN Trade Machine to improve the Clippers roster in any way you wish. But I'm going to throw in this little challenge: you must make a reasonable trade that would not only improve their chances at a title, but be able to develop a chemistry on and off the court. This is inspired by DeAndre Jordan's #GotEm meme at Twitter.

Here are the rules for creating your trade:

1. Salaries must match for the player you want. As a reminder, Ray Allen and Stephen Jackson require a salary of $10 million. Jamal Crawford is $5 million.
2. NO SUPERSTAR FOR SUPERSTAR. If I see a single superstar on your comment, I will reply with "Void."
3. The following players cannot be traded, and must therefore remain on the Clippers roster, with reasons which I'll note now:

Chris Paul - star player, requires a waive
Blake Griffin - face of the franchise
DeAndre Jordan - offer matched
Caron Butler - just got here, will get his touch back
Chauncey Billups - claimed off of waivers
Reggie Evans - rebounding
Kenyon Martin - Griffin backup and second chance opportunities, free agent clause
Bobby Simmons - 10-day contract (and apparently, he's eligible to be traded)

4. Minimum Clipper roster must be 12. The Ray Allen trade requires at the most three players; the Clippers only have 14 in their roster (Bobby Simmons will play for the remainder of the season).
5. You must explain how this trade will help the Clippers.

Oh yeah - we already know Del Negro needs to be out by next season.

So get to trading. And I'll start off with something I never considered: requiring the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers to shake hands with the Clippers as your peacemaker. You can thank Max & Marcellus for pointing this out:

"It may behoove the Lakers to pull the trigger on [Rajon] Rondo if they can, now. What does a guy like Rondo do for the team? You have a 3-point shooter; his name is Jason Kapono. At this point, he's good for nothing because we [the Lakers] don't have a point guard. Give them a point guard they can create, suddenly Kapono becomes Steve Novak." - Max Kellerman

(The same can be said for Brian Cook.)

So Brian Cook and Ryan Gomes go to the Lakers. From the Lakers, we get Jason Kapono. For the Lakers, they give up ONLY Pau Gasol and half of Lamar Odom's trade exception (in this example, their rookies and Devin Ebanks are not included). Rajan Rondo to the Lakers, Ray Allen to the Clippers. What more could you ask?

Definitely, there are even better trades that this proposal. What are your trade offers?

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