Clippers 120, Spurs 108- Postgame/Gif Thread

Mar 9, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul (3) is defended by San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green (4) during the first half at the AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-US PRESSWIRE

Guys, this was a great game. The offense was amazing, the defense wasn't as terrible as we feared. Chris Paul had 36 points and 11 assists, Mo Williams netted 33, and even with nothing fron DJ and KMart, the Clippers beat the Spurs in San Antonio by 12 points.

Clippers vs Spurs boxscore

Clippers vs Spurs coverage

Not to mention that this was the best thread I can remember. We needed an emergency overflow 4th quarter thread to cement the victory.

If you participated, your name is here, in the Roll Call

Roll Call: lbclips, lovinglosangeles, wilriv21, SchmidttyMcFunstuff, Hengtime81, Ricekrispy10, Oh WTF, JackduhSun, My dukie twinkles, LJ Hann, XXDC2XX, timkempton, Piatkowski, ClipperBEAST, bestclipfan, VA Dallas Fan, Rakelds79, tenkaistar, teddygreen, ThaFoX, edk3, CLiPPz WeRD 12, AudioDope, Charles Ha, KillaClip, osamu, Guyver423, SoCalBoltFan, Brian Ahmed, Beasel, Hough, Jonee, Swagmeister33, Xfactor26, Jayq, 82-0, UC.Clipper, NewCavsfan, big0lbad, cassellmania, religiousjedi, yaggiefresh, peterghost, Clipperoo, arman martikian, chrisd, ColBlahHa, DannyDodger, Lobmeister, dan73962, discharge, mdLuffyOP, Champ Crawdaddy, FlyByKnight, DonaldSterlingSucks, bc56274
Total Users: 56
Total Posts: 2137
Total Threads: 3

2,137 comments! Wow! So, who won this legendary thread?

Ricekrispy10 with the performance of his lifetime! He broke the 200 comments barrier, and 7 others broke 100 comments!

Note: ClipperBEAST was docked 8 comments for padding his stats with gibberish comments.

Name # of Posts
Ricekrispy10 205
lbclips 169
LJ Hann 155
Jayq 117
Oh WTF 117
ClipperBEAST 115
My dukie twinkles 102
wilriv21 101
SchmidttyMcFunstuff 91
Hengtime81 83
Rakelds79 80
yaggiefresh 69
CLiPPz WeRD 12 66
tenkaistar 59
Jonee 58
big0lbad 57
Beasel 40
AudioDope 39
SoCalBoltFan 33
Brian Ahmed 31
Guyver423 30
UC.Clipper 29
Charles Ha 28
KillaClip 27
Piatkowski 25
82-0 24
NewCavsfan 23
Clipperoo 17
ThaFoX 13
ColBlahHa 12
JackduhSun 12
timkempton 11
chrisd 11
edk3 8
Swagmeister33 8
dan73962 7
Xfactor26 7
teddygreen 5
osamu 5
peterghost 4
Champ Crawdaddy 4
VA Dallas Fan 3
DannyDodger 2
mdLuffyOP 2
lovinglosangeles 2
religiousjedi 2
FlyByKnight 1
DonaldSterlingSucks 1
bc56274 1
Hough 1
discharge 1
bestclipfan 1
Lobmeister 1
arman martikian 1
cassellmania 1
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