WHY is there so much deandre jordan hate?

"overpaid" DJ (4 years 43 million)

totally respected apparently kendrick perkins (4 years 35 million)

nene (5 years 67 mililon)

Here are some NBA centers. you have kendrick perkins who doesnt block any shots. he's paired up int he front court with ibaka who is a shotblocking machine so he doesnt have to. he can spend all his time doing nothing but rebounding, barely scoring and maybe defending the andrew bynum or someone of that size or getting dunked on by blake griffin.

he makes 8.75 million a year on a team that mostly has competant defensive players at EVERY SINGLE POSITION so he just has to defend the opposing team's center.

you have DJ, on a team with some extremely slow or poor individual defenders at key positions. sieves like mo williams, older players like butler, blake griffin who has made several power forwards look like all stars this year etc. his value as a shot blocker to erase mistakes by these guys is immeasurable. but no , we spend all our time hating on dj. if DJ had a supporting defensive cast like say perkins he could spend all his time doing nothing but defending the opposing team's center or other big man (which he already has to do given he takes the better of the 2 between him and blake often) AND nothing else. there wouldnt be him having to help every time someone breaks through a poor wing defender's defense or some awful defensive scheme concocted by vinny del negro.

case in point , lakers game. poor ass defense and bledsoe AND butler get beat with ramon sessions going left. deandre looks like a fool trying to help under the basket to try to stop sessions in the 4th when it was close. but if he gets up to sessions and gets in front of him, then what maybe sessions passes to bynum or whoever DJ was guarding and half of clips nation is hating on dj for leaving his man.

I think DJ is completely fairly valued for what he means to that team. blake and mo williams in particular would be tough to play if you didnt have DJ there to make up for their defense. hell DJ makes up for worse defensive coaching. so compared to how much less responsibility kenrick perkins has, and the fact that he's got way more potential defensively given he's much more athletic i say we cut him some slack he's not really overpaid.

and then you compare him to nene. who had multiple teams willing to pay him 5/67 (houston would have if their cp3 trade woudl have happened). he rebounds poorly, is only sort of a center, doesnt block shots, and is not really a go to scorer. yet he makes way more than DJ and is 29 already . thats overpaid and a mediocre defender. not dj. stop coming up with random trades for dj, you wont get equal value at center.

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